Australian Silverlight & Expression 3 Tour.

I’ve just locked in my dates for the Australian Silverlight & Expression 3 Tour.

Session Details:

Silverlight & Expression 3 launch is an important moment in Microsoft's timeline, as this is our V3 moment!. In light of this point in time, Scott has vowed to ensure all within his beloved home, Australia, get a deep insight into what just happened in both Silverlight and Expression 3. Not only will Scott cover off some of the new stuff, but will highlight some of the existing brilliance within these products through examples and commentary of how the old and new features came to be (as well as hints to both product's future).

In this session you not only will hear all of this, but this is also a perfect opportunity to lobby for what you want to see in Silverlight & Expression 4! - Yes, not only did we just finish work on 3, but we're keen to get started on the next version - given Scott's team is on the planning team, this is a great opportunity for you to influence the future of Microsoft's UX Platform

The Dates:

Then on the 31st July I fly back home to Seattle for a few more months of hibernation. I plan on doing this tour every visit to Australia if the above goes well.

If you are confused etc with the above don’t hesitate in emailing me or twittering me with questions.

Comments (6)

  1. You are brave doing bris, perth,melb back to back!

  2. Austmade says:

    so when do I get the invite on the for the 21st – National Belgium Day!!

  3. JC says:

    Please, please support mobile devices in SL4!  I SL demoed on a phone last October and haven’t heard anything about it since… what’s up?  PS – Super props if Zune HD turns out to support Silvlerlight.

  4. Tesaro says:

    Would like to come to this, however the Windows 7 presentation is also on in the city at the same time (Sydney session). Are you presenting this at any other time in Sydney?

  5. Hi Scott,

    QMSDNUG’s web hosting went west today.

    I have a copy of the meeting notice for the 21st of on my blog at

    Cheers — Mike

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