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I’ve never really been a fan of and it’s approach to content vs. advertising. If anything, it’s probably the best example of an online site carpet bombing the end user with advertising that well basically offends.

They’ve now turned it up a notch, to a level that even I am absolutely amazed about – not to mention Aral Balkan from <head> fame is absolutely livid about and with cause to.

They’ve spun up which seems to be an offshoot the stupidity of sys-con but now with even more subtle bad form. In that they’ve taken folks whom have allowed them to use certain articles etc and made them look as if they are authors whom run a micro-site on the said domain.

My name is on there and I'm somewhat offended by it as i think they’ve abused the trust and relationship I’ve given and If I could get our LCA folks to act with grounds i would of.

None the less, Aral’s fighting the good fight here and i think all should stand behind him on this one. As it’s very unethical what they are doing.

example of advertising stupidity.



So… once wasn’t enough, twice? all on a page that has absolutely no content? it just looks tragic & desperate.

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  1. You should contact the advertising guys at Microsoft and let them know where their content is being displayed.  They shouldn’t be paying for services like utilizer….  It sheds them in a bad light

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    I’v voiced my  opinion but its outside my paygrade 🙂

  3. Hey Scott,

    At least they kept your "name" in it – not condoning it for sure because i agree that it’s completely unethical to abuse the trust you’ve put into them to start with.

    The re-publication of your content and the "identity theft" type scenarios are actually becoming more and more common these days – i didn’t notice it at first, but recently my blog’s been getting an awful lot of trackbacks from other blogs – more so that is deserved and i started looking into it.

    what seems to be happening is that content is scraped via your RSS feed, then re-published elsewhere, with a link to your entry of course, but the name is sometimes completely different – published by Administrator is common to see and those pages are completely covered in ads – sometimes 3-4 google ad boxes, flash banners and anything else that can attract attention.

    They’re basically just ad pages (as seen with the screenshot you put up) – no real content, just enough to satisfy google’s search bots and the adsense rules.

    Back to Sys-Con – it’s appauling that they’ve gone to this amount of effort and yet fallen short when they were measured and weighed…

    i wonder if any of the other people on there will be putting a lawsuit forward?

  4. Woah – i’ve just read further on Alkan’s blog and sys-con is going absolutely crazy with defamation article after article…

    portraying him as "homosexual" etc…

    this is astounding!!!! completely and utterly shocking!

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