The Silverlight Blog

Hi All,

I’ve just put The Official Silverlight Blog online tonight. This blog has been an absolute fun side project for me to personally design and develop. The reason being is it rekindled my hidden JavaScript & XHTML passion (with thanks to Damian Edwards for reminding me of the power of semantic markup) along with jQuery is an amazing framework to use.

I’ll let Brian Goldfarb explain the story behind the blog and it’s purpose, but overall I'm going to work hard to ensure it remains a good HTML citizen by doing my upmost best to keep the HTML compliant.

I’ve also kept some additional features off the blog for now, as I want to get more posts inside it before I switch these on as it kind of looks pretty naked at the moment.

We’ll add more as we announce things tomorrow at MIX09.

Feedback is always welcome as well.

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