7000 Updates and still tweeting just as strong..

Tonight, I watched my twitter stats hit a nice rounded out number..freaky… How insane is that.. all rounded out in lots of 10. In light of this occasion I dedicated my 7000th tweet to Mr Tim Heuer as i think he’s been doing an amazing job with the Silverlight community since day 1 of our…


The Wow Effect (10secs vs. 10mins)

The explosions of plug-ins today have brought innovative ways to visual experience online in ways that are both exciting and dangerous. I say dangerous, as on one hand they are visually appealing they are at times useless and typically can end up becoming a trend. The Muse. I had the pleasure of being a part…


Using your mind to control UI.

Rick from Cynergy Systems has found a way to borrow a headset which enables you to control WPF UI with your mind. You can watch Rick’s video here, and read the back-story but all i can say is it will be interesting to see how this combines with interactive experiences like Playboyarchive.com and mind control….


Why invest in UX?

I often get asked the question around how one is able to return an investment on User Experience. It’s as if the person asking the question is somehow expecting some random piece of research data that outlines how one could grow their business by x% because of UX? The reality is that you’re unlikely to…


The Silverlight Team are twittering now..

  I’ve just spent the past couple of days enticing my fellow Silverlight Team members to embrace twitter more (@teamsilverlight). It’s been a bit of an uphill battle to be honest as whilst some pro Social Media folks will cast a glazed confused look, one must also remember that not everyone enjoys the splendor of…


History repeating itself: Out of Browser

I’ve been following the concept of what RIA represents since well, I can’t honestly remember but it’s around 1998. My first glimpse of RIA was via Erik’s ye olde project called WebOS.com, which was a virtual web based operating system built with DHTML (pre-AJAX wave). It began with Formats For years I’ve studied the interactive…


Engineer and Designer walk into a bar..

An Engineer and a Designer walks into a bar, and notices a picture hanging on the wall. It’s a picture of a dog screwing in a light bulb. The engineer turns to the designer and says “that’s just not possible, the dog hasn’t got opposable thumbs..” the designer turns and says “I disagree, he has,…


What makes Silverlight better than JavaScript/CSS/HTML?

Damian Edwards stayed at my house a week leading up to MIX09 and he’s had an amazing impact on our product teams whilst he stayed. One question he did provoke my way was what makes Silverlight better than JavaScript/HTML (forgot the actual wording but the meaning i walked away with was just that). I could…


The Silverlight Blog

Hi All, I’ve just put The Official Silverlight Blog online tonight. This blog has been an absolute fun side project for me to personally design and develop. The reason being is it rekindled my hidden JavaScript & XHTML passion (with thanks to Damian Edwards for reminding me of the power of semantic markup) along with…


Dear Silverlight, where’s my view source?

Chris Messina is quoted as saying the following: There’s been a long history of innovation on the web founded in open access to the underlying source code that first websites, then later interactive web applications, were built on. The facility of having ready access to the inner workings of any web page has been tantamount…