Silverlight is all over The Moment..



CNN is inviting people witnessing “The Moment” to take part in a special iReport assignment by e-mailing their pictures to The photos will post immediately to, CNN’s user-generated news community, and shortly after the oath of office, viewers and users can see the resulting synths on-air and online. In staying with CNN’s long tradition of using technology to reinvent political coverage, the network will feature the synths on the Magic Wall. The use of Photosynth within the multi-touch environment will be made possible by the strong relationship among CNN, Perceptive Pixel and Microsoft.


Microsoft, along with partners Vertigo and Move Networks, collaborated with CBS to build a live HD streaming experience using Silverlight. CBS will provide the application to its more than 25 owned and operated sites to then roll out to their own local stations. Visitors to the CBS sites will be able to watch a variety of inaugural activities as well as reports from CBS correspondents on site. The CBS experience will provide customers with HD-quality video, multiple camera angles of events and unique features such as Twitter integration. Although CBS was unable to participate in official PR due to time constraints, we will look to drive awareness via blogs and press outreach early next week.

Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC)

Microsoft worked with partner iStreamPlanet to enable live and on-demand video streaming of the official Inauguration events at the PIC web site: The PIC will begin streaming video of events on Saturday, January 17, with the train ride that will take President-elect Barack Obama from Philadelphia, Pa., to Washington, D.C., and the stops in Wilmington, Del. and Baltimore, Md

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  1. Angela Henley says:

    Although I was not able to attend the inauguration in person it was thrilling to watch on tv. As a Black American and a woman I never thought I would the day (being 47 years old). It was amazing how everyone seemed to be together and unified, if only we could keep that feeling and help each other in the years to come America would really be a great nation. I am still pleasantly amazed that today went so well for the new President and his family as they all have a great journey to travel in the future years.Thank you for allowing me to voice myself in this special day in history,

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