Replaced my MSDN Graphic Header with Silverlight

When you create an MSDN blog here at Microsoft you’re pretty much given very little access to it, especially if you want to customize it. I’ve managed to basically hack my way around this through both CSS and JavaScript manipulation. Tonight, I decided to hijack my graphical header and put Silverlight over the top, as…


I hate it when a designer touches XAML..

I’ve meet with a few die-hard Silverlight developers in my time and some feedback I get at times is how designers produce bad XAML. “..I hate it when a designer touches XAML..” – oh? why? My first thought was, “bad XAML?” how on earth can a designer produce bad XAML. *confused look* After digging I…


Egads… it’s a Silverlight Spy!

When I’m working in Silverlight I typically like most developers heavily rely on the breakpoint/debug workflow. Although this is extremely powerful, I at times need to inspect what’s been loaded in a more hierarchical manner to ensure my various UIElements are loaded as per my instructions via code. To do this in Visual Studio is…


Live Mesh, the portable code repository.

The Environment. I’ve got three machines that I’ve allocated to role based use, as typically given the nature of my role here at Microsoft I’m all to often loading/unloading software far to much (I dogfood a lot of our internal products). I not only dogfood, but I constantly roam the hallways of Redmond campus using…


Silverlight is all over The Moment..

CNN CNN is inviting people witnessing “The Moment” to take part in a special iReport assignment by e-mailing their pictures to The photos will post immediately to, CNN’s user-generated news community, and shortly after the oath of office, viewers and users can see the resulting synths on-air and online. In staying with CNN’s…


Kicking Apple to the kurb.

I’m definitely not your typical Microsoft blue blood. I at times buck the kool-aid internally and prefer to always keep my options open to the “competitors” we have at Microsoft. It’s not that I’m a rebel at heart, it’s simply I can’t be bothered being that guy that belongs. Lately, Apple’s been annoying me to…


Scott, why should I use Deep Zoom?

I’ve been asked this a thousand times and i often give a thousand different answers, as typically each time you ask me, I think of something new to do with it and respond. Deep Zoom is one of this fascinating differentiators we put into Silverlight that can be used and abused in a multitude of…


Controlling your Silverlight Installation Experience.

I’ve been doing plug-in development & design for many years, and often I’ve seen many a battle around this space. It typically starts with ubiquity, once that is overcome it then settles down at abandonment rates and from there the curse of the dreaded plug-in ends. The reality however, no matter what plug-in you choose…


LINQ to SQL – Poormans DAO / CRUD.

I’m an extremely lazy coder. If i can find a way to write a base class to do the bulk of my chores within code, by crikey I’ll do it and damn the scorn from my peers. In this case, I wanted to write fairly generic CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) methods using LINQ…


Must fight urge to do "year in review 2008" post.

Look, I have lots of regrets and at the same time I have heaps of wins, above all, I did what I could, and where it counted the most. Going forward, I just want to spend more time working with .NET developers & designers whom want to succeed in WPF & Silverlight more than before….