Calling all Silverlight/WPF Developers & Designers.

I've put together a proposal to shake things up in the Silverlight/WPF ecosystem. I need your help, in that part of this proposal I'm working on requires also some of your feedback and evidence to support this cause.

I've put together a simple 11 Questions (Very short, no typing required) and the answers will have a big impact on your ecosystem.

Please take the time if you can to answer these and I promise changes will occur as a result.

Please also pass this on to any of your Silverlight/WPF colleagues.

thank you!


No contact details will be asked of you, so feel free to be brutally honest.

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  1. Earl says:

    Survey is not working it keeps asking for a number between 0-100 but has no place to enter it.

  2. Sergei says:

    Any results/stats to be published online after survey completion?

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