Quakelight, Shenanigans you say.. I say not!

Quakelight - Head Gone by adKinn.

Adam & I have been talking to Julian Frelat from InnoveWare Solutions, and we've been both extremely impressed by QuakeLight - a Silverlight port of id Software's Quake.

This was a few days ago, and Julian the other night sent me a link to the demo of QuakeLight. I then this afternoon grabbed a coffee, stormed over to Building 18 in which I then proceeded to poke Adam until he cried like a school girl. He eventually  caved into agreeing to get his interview post online (sure he whined about his workload for PDC2008, but I simply asked him to man-up and get with the real work... showing the world Julian's awesome work, PDC2008 be damned! damned I say!).

Check out the interview here, and job well done Adam!


I love this quote though from Julian.

I am pretty sure Microsoft will extend the set of WPF features supported in Silverlight in the future (WriteableBitmap, 3D api...) and I am convinced Silverlight will become a great platform for demos, games and rich applications in general.


Quake has a special place for me, as it was my first taste of software development back in the late 90's. As my brother & I used to hang around with a few of the Aussie Quake players, two in particular were Robin Walker & John Cook;  the creators behind TeamFortress (Add-on for Quake). Given I had art skills, I joined the team to work on TeamFortress 2 which was to use Quake 2's new engine, and it was my first taste of actual software development.

Fast forward to 2008, Robin & John are now 20mins down the road from my office in Bellevue, working for Valve Software and here I am playing TeamFortress 2 still to this day! 🙂 (Wonder if we can port TF to Silverlight next once Julian's done :D)

Point is, this software industry seems to constantly have a lot of twists and turns associated to it and never underestimate small ideas growing into bigger ones. I hope guys like Julian continue to grow further with products like Silverlight as whilst they will never be the next Half Life 2 engine, they will bring casual gaming to the next level.

Adam & I'll work hard to ensure they are supported from internally.

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