5 Reasons I’m giving the iPhone the boot.

I'm done, I'm handing in my Apple iPhone badge and tacking back my Samsung BlackJack II.

The reasons are:

  1. Battery life. It's beyond frustrating how low the battery is, I'm constantly in meetings and hardly at my desk most days. Having a phone that can withstand the day to day slog of an average business manager is something I need first and foremost. The iPhone simply doesn't sustain the battery power to last.
  2. Keyboard. I heard a joke the other day "help, I'm blind and bleeding and can't dial 911". It made me laugh as the keyboard for me is frustrating, the spell checking is bad at predicting words and it's harder to type at the speed I'm used to with the Black Jack II. I need a physical keyboard to touch instead of the 2 finger style typing one does now,
  3. Outlook Inbox. This could be our fault or it could be there's, I'm not incline to care whom as at fault. Suffice to say going from Windows Mobile Outlook to iPhone is 5 steps backwards. I get average 44 emails per hour some days, and having the need to filter out emails is critical. In the BlackJack I simply start typing B R A  D and then all emails are filtered back to my bosses name, Brad. Important when he's asking me a question on a topic at the time. iPhone its "can i get back to you on that.." which puts me in follow up mode. Hate follow up mode
  4. Outlook Contacts. This may not be for the mainstream out there, but here on Microsoft campus there's what 150+ buildings we own in the one area. Trying to find where a building is is part of the problem, then finding out a persons location is annoying. Furthermore to make the most out of my time, I at times want to visit folks while I'm in their building. Figuring out where some of the Program Managers live isn't possible on the iPhone. I instead have to keep a separate notes of all my friends locations? the location field is missing.
  5. Applications. In general the applications really aren't that special. There's an odd application here and there that I use briefly, but I get annoyed or easily bored with them and they just sit there in the offscreens doing nothing. The fact I also have to close an application and can't multi-task between applications gives me the biggest annoyance. In that say I want to make a phone call but can't remember the conference call code, i then want to go back into either email or the application - it just takes time. BlackJack II never had this problem.

There are benefits to the iPhone but for me, it's just not working out so I'm breaking up with the iPhone.

We had laughs with YouTube, it sang to me when I needed a pickmeup (iPod) and it always left me unbored at lines (Movies).

That being said, i have an iPod Touch, which is sitting on my desk gathering dust. If i want the "perks" of the entertainment / game factor, iPod Touch is perfectly fine.

Bye iPhone.

Now convince me that I'm just over-reacting...

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  1. I totally hear you on the soft keyboard. I have been running an HTC Touch. for a while and as cool as it was today I just got an i760 for the real  keyboard. No substitute for it.

  2. Wkoop says:

    I gave up my iPhone about 3 weeks ago and went back to my Treo 680

    Keypad versus screen keyboard – no contest!

    Looking up a contact in a 4K contact database were it resolves every keystrock before it lets you enter the next one is insane!

    I do not like iTunes!

    I liked its touch screen, its browser is good and I liked the screen size – the rest is nothing much to right about

    Looking at the new windows Treo

  3. I suggest you visit TinyTwitter.com and get a great Twitter client (also supports photo uploads and GPS location updates when you spot something funny on Campus or want to remember where you were)

    Also go check out wls.live.com and get the latest Windows Live Search client … you can even check where a building is on campus (eg "Microsoft Building 18" when you want to bring my Cat5 Tester cable back!)

  4. Me says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I am facing the same decision – for me it’s that while I haven Mail/Contacts/Calendar enabled, the iPhone is noticeably slower.

    Now, if Apple would allow other folks to write better replacements for Outlook style mail, I’d be a happy camper, but this way, it’s bye-bye.

    It does flashy very well but sucks as a business phone.

  5. barry.b says:

    any similarities between your IPhone experiance and your forays into the world of Alienware laptops?

  6. Hey Scott,

    I see this "gadget" regularly these days, and even though i don’t own one i’m not about to buy it. The risk of "hating" it seems to be far too high these days, especially with the hefty price tag it has.

    I think the IPhone is a device you either love, hate…or just love to hate (and vice versa), but more often than not i see people switching away from it.

    Lets face it, the battery life is minimal (and it’s apparently not that easy, or cheap, to replace it) which gives the IPohone (pun intended) a very limited shelf life – why is this? does Apple expect that pepohple that buy it will keep upgrading to the newest version each time they release one? don’t know. I just hear it very frequently these days that there’s problems with it that us "geeks" just can’t live with. That being said, i guess looking at it objectively, then it’s not really a "problem" if you love it 🙂

    the more reviews i see like this, the less likely i will ever be to buying one – thanks for another nail in the IPohone coffin for me 🙂

  7. rodtrent says:

    Forget that iPod Touch — dump Apple altogether and pick up a Zune.

  8. Garry Trinder says:


    You buying? as i’ll take it if you are 🙂

  9. Christoph says:

    @ rodtrent

    yes, the Zune must be really cool. May be this is the reason why so "many" people in the US buy this thing (and Microsoft doesn’t dare to ship this device to Europe)

  10. Mark Cohen says:

    I’ll take it off you second hand 😉

  11. Dave says:

    Be careful… If your Blackjack is running 6.1 then chances are push email won’t even work until the patch gets released for exchange….hmmm…

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