Silverlight Toolkit Released.

We’ve just released the Silverlight Toolkit via Codeplex. The release will include the following additions to our toolkit story: TreeView AutoCompleteBox DockPanel WraPanel Label Expander HeaderedItemControl HeaderedContentControl NumericUpDown ViewBox ButtonSpinner ImplicitStyleManager Chart PieSeries BarSeries CoulmnSeries ScatterSeries LineSeries Theming ExpressionDarkTheme ExpressionLightTheme ShinyRedTheme ShinyBlueTheme RainierPurpleTheme RainierOrangeTheme I’ve got a copy of Visual Studio 2008 + Zune4 on…


The Olympic Numbers are in..

Ben just posted some interesting stats on our efforts with the NBC Olympics site: During the 17 days of the games, the site had 51.9 million unique visitors (106% more than Athens and Torino combined) 1.3 billion page views 75.5 million video streams initiated (601% more than Athens and Torino combined) 9.9 million hours of…


SmoothHD just ownz.

We’ve got IIS7 Smooth Streaming in play and Akamai have put together a demo site called All I can say is "wow" in terms of quality. I always knew Silverlight could pull itself together for HD video online, but it’s truly amazing to see IIS7 handling the workload here. Check it out.


Embrace the new .NET Logo!

Our team decided a while back to bring a fresh new look to the .NET logo, given the old was in need of a refresh to suit our future product positioning (I’ve been staring at this for a few weeks now and it’s totally grown on me). Why did we do it? We needed a…


UX lessons from game design

I just attended the Seattle Chapter of Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Tonight the topic was "UX lessons from game design". It was an awesome event and you can catch the video later this week. What struck me as really great about this, was the discussion of how to map some of the lessons in Game…


Quakelight, Shenanigans you say.. I say not!

Adam & I have been talking to Julian Frelat from InnoveWare Solutions, and we’ve been both extremely impressed by QuakeLight – a Silverlight port of id Software’s Quake. This was a few days ago, and Julian the other night sent me a link to the demo of QuakeLight. I then this afternoon grabbed a coffee,…


Project Deep Zoom JellyFish is out!

The folks in Japan, 2ndFactory have done an amazing amount of work with Deep Zoom. The project title was JellyFish and it’s been hot topic here at Redmond. I can’t tell you how many times internal people have asked me "when’s it coming out.." and then trail off on how they plan on implementing it….


5 Reasons I’m giving the iPhone the boot.

I’m done, I’m handing in my Apple iPhone badge and tacking back my Samsung BlackJack II. The reasons are: Battery life. It’s beyond frustrating how low the battery is, I’m constantly in meetings and hardly at my desk most days. Having a phone that can withstand the day to day slog of an average business…


The TechCrunch Aftermath. Scoble just punkd you all.

I deeply regret ever engaging anyone in this twitter dust off, mainly because it was just stupid 🙂 No excuses, just stupid. I’ve gotten a lot of positive emails about how well I held my composure and how folks thought Michael was in poor form.  The part that I’d like to highlight is that everyone…


Silverlight – Light up the web.

To celebrate the Silverlight 2 launch, I’ve posted just a quick Silverlight application that has home made fireworks in it.. Click on the screen to create more explosions..well kind of… 🙂