You lost your $35 domain, but you can have it back for $5000 USD

I have this really bad habit of buying domains for projects I plan on working on for 1 year only. I recently accidentally lost BeyondTheBrowser.NET and due to not only moving between US to Australia (i.e. lost track of my inbox) but also due to being extremely busy.

Ok, that's life no problem. I decided to see if could buy back the SilverlightCoders and BeyondTheBrowser domains from the new owners.

SilverlightCoders response:

Am certainly open to selling, is this for corporate use?  A very quick search of equivalent domains at has bids ranging up to $5000.  What terms were you thinking of?

Ok, I could go LCA route and pull an Adobe Trademark infringement / protection route, but really it's not worth the hassle or negative PR and in the end it's not that important to me fight that battle.

Yet, after speaking with the current owner, he was more friendly then the most domain squatters I've encountered:

Completely understandable - might also we willing to barter the domain for some Silverlight training.  I'm currently a Flex programmer so you'd be converting me and potentially some collegues/coworkers in the process.  Let me know if that is of interest.

I'll do that for free with or without the domain bartering, so some positive output came out of this.

I then move onto BeyondTheBrowser.NET and see if I can buy back this domain:

Thank you for your enquiry.
A search for "designers block" shows approximately over 119,000 results from Google.
Names such as are very much in demand especially as
there are more than 60 MILLION domain names currently registered.
If you consider that just recently sold for $1,020,000, for $135,250, for $55,000 and $52,500 etc there have been many other
5 figure sales - I'm sure that our asking price could be considered
an investment for a domain of this quality.
The price of this domain is £7,000 Great British Pounds or US$13,670
(close offers may be considered). 
This is a one off payment for the rights to the domain, however you
will be responsible for paying the yearly registration (approx $30).

If you pay $5000.00 USD for any domain, especially of the above, you're a damn fool. Adjust your wording, re think your project strategy and don't encourage these folks to continue to hijack the Internet for silly potential "profit" margins.

Domain names are over-rated 🙂 and Silverlight.NET vs Silverlight.COM are a prime examples of marketing true power vs random direct URL key entries.

I rate domain squatting for money up there with Viagra spamming.  I must confess, I've had a few offers for a domain I own as well as I won't sell and I have plans for these post Microsoft, but the numbers have been quite interesting.

Should I ever decide to give them up, I will only do so if there is merit in the new owner having them, like they have an actual plan other than "..I want to create a bidding war.."

Any who, I've adjusted my project ideas, the branding and so on, now to move forward and not pay the extortion money above.

Comments (3)

  1. Alun Jones says:

    Friend of mine recently spent some time unconscious in hospital, during which time his domain name expired and was hijacked. Friends of his had to pay a domain squatter some non-trivial amount in order to get it back. Domain squatting is already supposed to be against the rules, but that doesn’t stop anyone.

  2. SoulSolutions says:

    With the opening up of top level domains next year I wonder how much value the .com’s really have. I know people have made way too much money out of this in the past.

    I got caught out with though. They wanted $1500 and I said no way! Then some weird Energy healing lady paid that amount 🙁 Hope she likes fielding Virtual Earth questions 🙂

  3. Ouch – well at least you proved to be smarter than the fool trying to oust you!! good on you..

    I’ve recently lost my domain as well, again, due to a clogged up inbox and some seriou spam filtering that caught all my domain renewal notices. urggghh..also trying to get it back as it’s my primary mail domain (not a hosted domain only used for mail) but it irks me that there isn’t policies in place to stop this from happening.

    Hey! great to see the Flex guy willing to swap the domain for some free Silverlight training!! dang!!

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