The sleeping giant has awoken.

July 8, VP Brad Brooks gets on stage, and says the following about Windows Vista:

We know our story is very different from what our competitors want us to think.Today we are drawing a line and are going to start telling the real story

I hear at times a lot of ignorance around Windows Vista. I use it daily, have done for quite sometime and haven't had a lot of annoyance with the product. There are quirks that annoy me, it's not perfect but neither is some of the competing Operating Systems (ones I also use daily).

Why are we held to much higher standard whilst the others are forgiven for it?

Time to push back and say "enough, can we have our say now?"

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  1. rkpatrick says:

    "Why are we held to much higher standard whilst the others are forgiven for it?"

    Because you spend billions more on it than your competitors.

  2. Antony says:

    "Why are we held to much higher standard whilst the others are forgiven for it?"

    Because you got there first. Your competitors are measured against you, not against morals/ideals. Notice the frenzied back-pedalling on "don’t be evil"?

    Google, Apple get away with murder compared to you. Your best bet is to let them get as big as you, so they are as profitable to sue.

  3. ~AVA says:

    The thing  you call standards in fact are user’s expectations of what is good. The OS allowing users do their work is good. Annoyances of Windows Vista do not allow the users do their work. Other OS also have annoyances, however they allow  users do their work. Just compare Windows Vista and Windows 2000. Which one requires more mouse-clicks to complete the file management task? (Answer: Windows Vista). On which OS the number of operations requiring Admin participation is greater? (Answer: Windows Vista). On which OS the search for a file is harder to configure? (Answer: Windows Vista). On which OS more components break Microsoft User Interface (sorry, Experience) guidelines, so users must re-learn again and again? (Answer: Windows Vista). Time to wake up and work.

  4. Arnaud Weil says:

    Can’t agree more with you. Indeed, I’m happy with my using Vista to work, and I do work a lot.

    My story about this, written in March:

  5. Steve says:

    Unfortunately – Vista is just not as reliable or usable as XP was. As frustrated as I got with XP – I’m at a loss with Vista. Unfortunately I can see myself turning my back on 10 years of PC use in favor of a Mac in the coming months

  6. XP Luv says:

    As with most things, Microsoft’s greatest competitor is Microsoft. And with Vista, it’s greatest competitor is XP.

    I think the greatest downfall of Vista is that it does not improve significantly on XP from a general user’s point of view. In fact, in many ways it downgrades the general user’s experience.

  7. thomas says:

    Hopefully you’ll post this.

    Just out of curiosity, did you purposely build the feature into Vista where it freezes several times throughout the day?

    This happened at least 15 times yesterday, each time for a minute or more, and it made me think, maybe they want me to get up, take a break and step away from the computer for a few minutes? They built this into Vista on purpose! This is a feature! Good thing I keep my Amazon Kindle next to me. I can sit there and read while I wait for Vista to start responding again.

    Also, I like when I put Vista into sleep mode, come back to turn the computer on, and it’s restarted itself without my permission! Who knows what documents I had open, whether or not they were saved, etc. But, Vista decided to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Instead of saving power and being in sleep mode all night, it turns out Vista restarted and has been consuming power all night. Thanks!

    SearchIndexer.exe has been a treat as well. Honestly, can I have a few minutes where some process doesn’t run in the background of Vista? I love listening to my hard drive being indexed several times a day. That fact that I can’t kill the process from the TaskManager is really cool too!

    One day, my Visual Studio Projects folder just disappeared. I searched the whole hard drive for it. Not a single file found. Where did it go? 6 months of code, gone. Poof.

    Sometimes, I specifically delete a file, only to have the wrong file deleted because Vista seems to be confused by the way my Folder Contents are sorted. So, now I move whatever I want to delete into a ‘Delete’ folder so I can review its contents and make sure that precisely what I want to delete is in there, and not something important. Then, and only then, can I actually move it to the Recycle Bin.

    I like the default column headers that I’m constantly forced to use, even after customizing the folder and telling it specifically what column headers I want to use. But, apparently Vista knows what I want more than I do.

    Why should you be held to a higher standard? I don’t know, maybe it’s because you have massive share of the Operating System market?

    Maybe because this is your defining area of expertise. You are MICROSOFT, remember?

    Just a few of my DAILY frustrations with Vista.

  8. Garry Trinder says:


    We didn’t build a "if name=Thomas, then FREEZE" feature into Windows Vista. It sounds like there is something amiss within your install and this can be a number of things not necessarily a Vista based problem.

    Generally when you see the whitescreen out and Vista appears to not be working, what in fact is happening is the actual software you are using has halted and Vista is basically trying to indicate that this one process inside Vista is not working as it should, but you can use the rest of Vista if you want.

    (Kind of like the spinning rainbow in OSX when it crashes)

    At times though the software in question can hijack the entire process and before you know it the entire OS locksup. This can be the result of a software memory leak, device driver not playing nice with other hardware etc.. This doesn’t appear to be a Windows Vista specific problem but a whole host of variables have to be put into question on this one problem..

    Point is… Windows Vista caters to the entire ISV industry and hardware industry at once. We don’t have the specific luxury of writing the operating system to suite prescribed hardware. Instead the Windows team work with hardware / software vendors to ensure that if they want to gurantee the solution they deploy in Vista is supported, they in turn need to work with us to get the Vista Certified. If they ignore this, then well there is nothing more we can do but try and protect them from themselves as best we can?

    Under Control Panel, search for Index Options and modify it to suite your needs? ..

    No idea what you are talking about with the Delete.. happy to explore that more though.

    Customize Folders is something we could do more with, have you sent us feedback on this? In that if you haven’t send it to me and I’ll walk it over to the windows team myself.

    I can see your point, with power comes new responsibilities. At the same time, I just feel that the benchmark and peoples expectations are beyond what we can possibly deliver. It’s easy to focus on the negatives associated with Microsoft and Windows Vista, but you rarely see the positives?

    I don’t know, I think at times people expect perfection and disappointed when it’s not perfect, even though i’m yet to see any software coming even close to being perfect. Perfection is what we chase, we never will get it, but it’s important that we keep chasing though.

  9. tom says:

    sometimes I just wonder with Microsoft.

    They had the perfect opportunity with Vista and now Window 7 to really draw a line in the sand.

    Microsoft has some great virtualization tools… they should have some of the best OS engineers in the business… now why can’t they add one and one together?

    move all that legacy stuff which is causing everyone grief into a virtualized environment… parallel to that build a brand new modern OS from scratch bus use all that experience from Windows and make it better than anything else we have seem so far. You’d think so much brain power would be able to do that.

    … I am starting to wonder if the real cancer with Microsoft it’s middle management which seems to be littered with people that have zero passion for technology and often have no knowledge of software engineering.

    Come on… Apple managed to dump not just an operating system but also a hardware platform… and Microsoft just sat there and let it happen… then Apple released the iPhone not just once but actually twice and Microsoft let it happen again without having a good answer.

    I don’t believe it’s the lack of intelligent people up in Redmond. I truly believe it’s the lack of leadership and managers being to scared to take be taking risks.

    Putting all those claims of Microsoft monopolistic behavior aside I am majority pissed they don’t manage to put all that brain power to good use and make products that actually change the world.

    Bitch about Windows XP as much as you want but I really believe Window 95… then XP in combination with Office really changed the world. Then the world shifted… people wanted to technology that wouldn’t get in their way… they wanted phone that were easy to use. Microsoft couldn’t deliver… Apple and Google did.

    To all you Microsoft managers… pull your heads out of your own managers a.s and enable to do your creative mind what they are best at!

  10. tom says:

    "can we have our say now"???

    what ever happened let the product speak for itself?

  11. Sandra Overstreet says:

    I have a hard time being impressed with an argument made by people who sound intelligent but who look illiterate on paper.  

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