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Untitled-1The title just rhymes doesn't it?. We launched Beta 2 today and I'm super excited to see this release. It's now in your hands and you do what you will with it, and I'm extremely keen to see what folks get up to with regards to the new changes since Beta 1.

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I'll be doing some Silverlight Beta 2 "From Developer Zero to Designer Hero" posts shortly, so keep an eye out from those. As I'll discuss the fundamentals of designing a RIA solution with Silverlight Beta 2 and touching on both parts of the developer and designer brain.

I'm also curious to see what style of applications you would like me to build? throw some ideas into the comments below and I'll look into making them for you (code and all).

Scott Out.

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  1. XPS support in Silverlight please. 🙂

    I’ve not looked yet to see if any of the WPF fixed or flow document stuff has made its way into Silverlight Beta 2.

    Failing that, a XAML export for Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

    nice work on the release btw, looks like some awesome stuff!! Very excited to be working with Silverlight (in my day job!!)



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