Hey wait on, Silverlight has just had it’s first birthday.

Untitled-1 It was in April 2007 we launched Silverlight 1.0, and it's now May 2008 and we're already looking forward to a v2 release (exciting amount of great features). It personally feels like the 1.0 launch was 2-3 years ago, but it's kind of surreal to think that Silverlight has really only just hit it's first birthday! (not only did the baby mature fast, but it's gained many fans a long the way!)

When you look back at the last fiscal year, it's actually quite an amazing amount of success that has taken place. Not bad for a technology that started out with 0 installs per day to having 1.5+ million downloads per day.

Just a quick fun fact riff to throw out there. Do what you will with that 🙂

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  1. Erki Esken says:

    Will MS put out any stats on Silverlight penetration soon? These "downloads per day" stats don’t say anything.

    We just implemented JS/Flash/AIR/Silverlight version detection for a highly trafficed site and will soon find out what Silverlight penetration is for our visitors. But it would be nice to compare to more general penetration survey as well.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Define penetration?

    All computers that are held by 18+ year old folks in selected regions that are based off a sample of 4500 per quater? .. that kind of penetration?

    Mark Twain once said – there are three types of lies.

    A Lie

    A Damn Lie

    and Statistics…

  3. ddrum says:

    How about taking one of your promoted silverlight sites (mlb.com), and post stats on what percentage of that site users now have Silverlight installed to watch videos. It would at least give some idea how willing people are about installing another new plugin.

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    It’s not our place to do so.. have to talk to mlb.com etc.

    Publishing statistics can be a delicate thing, as in some cases MLB could expose themselves to competitors in similiar markets as now they know what the eyeballs get up to and probably how to beat them.

    That being said, measuring penetration statistics isn’t as accurate as people think. In that for example Adobe measure 4500 cluster of folks per hit, they disregard folks 18yrs and under and only tap into those whom chose to volunteer and reside in certain regions of the world.

    In short, it’s simply an ore sample, it doesn’t tell the accurate picture (for all they know they may have more numbers in their favour) and it’s simply a best guess mixed with complex algorithiums and some good ol fashion marketing spin.

    What we can measure accuaretely is how many folks download the plugin per day and last head count it was 1.5million per day.

    The objective for you is to monitor growth, in that if next head count it goes from 1.5million to 2million what story does that tell? what if it goes from 1.5million to 10million what does that say and so on…

    We are a year old with Silverlight, growth is there and patience is our biggest beast right now, not so much penetration scores 🙂

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