Chapter 30, Sleepless in Seattle due to Jet Lag.

The house is on the market, the cars are being sold and the passports are ready to be stamped with "Welcome to the United States Mr Barnes". The biggest move of my life/career is in full swing, and I'm both SH@*T scared and excited at the same time as this new chapter will be one of my defining moments in this accidental evolution that I call a career.

I'm taking the new role of Product Management seriously, thinking of ways I can bring about change and impact to Microsoft and the customers we have, as cliche as it sounds. In that I'm hungry for change, I want to see the Internet to have experiences that match the visual effects found within movies like IRONMAN ( great movie btw). I want to see Silverlight/WPF become this this rich vibrant exchange of both eye-candy and higher intelligence centred around various buckets of data that are contextually agreeable to our customers.

Next Thursday is my last day here in Australia. Emily is to young to understand what's going on and Corey's more excited about Disneyland, than comprehending that after next Thursday, it will be the last day he gets to hug his cousins and grandparents for quite some time (once/twice  year). Corey's mum also has just had her entire life turned upside down in way of supporting my proposed move, and as a result it's going to be tough for her to adjust to this new way of life.

It's a MASSIVE step both psychologically and financially, as in the end there is little margin for error. I have had to weigh up the risk matrix on everything I do from here on out and look at this from a perspective of re-discovering the world again.  I've already seen what parts of Silverlight and WPF's future holds, and I can't but help that despite what our critics think, the innovation and brains trust behind this next wave of technology is well simply put, brilliant.

I now get to be apart of that, and yes it maybe massive step but career wise, it's going to be a fun ride to jump onto.

That all being said, I will be going dark for a month or so, given that my stuff will take approx 6weeks to ship over and in which case means access to a computer will be something I'm yet to figure out. If you email me now, chances are I won't get back to you for quite some time so apologise for the delay but you try moving to another country 🙂

Now to figure out which Basketball, Baseball and NFL teams to adopt, may need to call on my fellow Aussie Microsoftee's whom are in Redmond, especially the men who hired me - Mr Frank Arrigo and Mr Charles Sterling (Chuck's practically an Aussie, despite his heritage).


I have a new toy, Cannon EOS 400D and loving it. I'm also having some farewell drinks Friday 9th May, Jade Buddah Bar (Eagle Street) @ 6pm. All friends/foes welcome.

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  1. Johann says:

    Good luck with the move mate – will probably bump into you in Redmond some time, at which time I’ll let you buy me a beer.

  2. frank arrigo says:

    you shoud start by supporting the local team – sonics (not for long), mariners and seahawks and then there’s the seattle thunderbirds ice hockey team

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