The world struggles to define Facebook and Twitter.

I like most folks read a lot of blogs from all walks of life. Everyday I see a blog post or two around Facebook or Twitter, simply echoing either some news or why it either sucks or is the greatest thing in the world since slice bread.

We, the world, appear to struggle daily to define what it is we like about websites like this. It's expert opinion after another and yet we are still no closer to defining what makes them a success.

Sure, someone will swear on the bible they know why, but to be openly honest - i don't even think Mark Zuckerberg even has a clue as to why it's a success, I'd lay money down that this whole creation of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc.. are all part of a mixture between accidental success and inflated hype/hysteria.

It's kind of like designing some artwork, you start out with a theme or an objective, but you really don't architect the design, it just naturally happens as you add more and more pieces to the composition. The next thing you know, the design takes shape and it either is great or really bad.

image I'm sure there are another 1000+ posts left in us yet to define what Facebook is. I for one, simply ignore them, and continue to rack my brain trying to remember whom else from my past I could add to my friends list as I'd love to catch up with them.

I Just get tired of all these other crap requests though.

It gets mundane at times to be apart of Facebook and Twitter is getting noisy for me, as I have around 430 people I follow.

I call these pockets of evolution on the internet - WebBuzz 2.0

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  1. Jensa says:

    This is a good vid to understand whats the deal with Twitter:


  2. sea bae says:

    o mi guess but i think dat facebook is betta

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