Silverlight 3.0 wish lists – again.

I asked all for this last time, but I'm going to do it again now that you've all seen Silverlight 2 (well if you haven't do so!).

Feel free to leave your wishlist(s) for Silverlight 3 and don't be afraid to ask for crazy stuff either  example "Can you make SIlverlight 3 brew coffee?" (obviously no, but outside the box thinking welcomed).

I'd also like to make a point to look beyond what Flash offers as well, as ideally one of the objectives for Silverlight is to allow you all to build/create/design something that Flash can't.

Community feedback welcomed as this is your chance to make an impact on the world.

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  1. Anders says:

    * Input devices – record from webcam/mic to windows media server

    * gdi+ – image editing

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Better design time support. Something like Silverlight Express Edition? (Am a student, and .NET rocks b’coz of the express editions). Could include support for the DLR languages as well.

  3. pieterkersten says:

    It would be great to see several Sharepoint integration classes in Silverlight 3.0. This would give Sharepoint the ability to use Silverlight as its presentation layer.

    I know you can already use Silverlight inside sharepoint, but serious and fast development requires more!

  4. Sebastian says:

    More support for WebService,3D engine with primitives

  5. Steve A says:

    For me an area that Silverlight can streak ahead of <other browser pluggin name here> is on the business apps.  I am not just talking about displaying data (which is SL 1.0 stuff)  I want two way CRUD type operations.  I mean we create our data tier with entity framework, and we then create partial classes which include our business rules, validation etc These partial classes and therefore our business rules can run both in the data and the client tier without the client having to go over the wire to do validation etc.  and the data persists in the client by some means that when it is sent back to the server it can handle concurrency and only changes are sent back.  But this should happen out of the box we should not have to manually code this type of stuff because our entity model has all the scheme/ meta data to generate both server and client side code.  I guess this is more of a Visual studio wish rather than a SL wish.  

    I think there are many business, my customers included, who have users who enter large volumes of data, such as an accounting app and lets face it even with ajax a browser based data entry app is just painfull for novice users.  So they are still churning out thick clients.  I think if SL can deliver to the developers a means of creating these data entry type apps easily and SL already has the benefit of a single language client and server side, we will see a standard business app foundation emerge.  

  6. Joe says:

    If it’s not done for SL2 then you need to bring SL into parity with WPF for binding, triggers etc.  

    Hardware accel – if MILCORE is on the machine already then use it for rendering.  Likewise on the Mac, include a hardware acceleration layer.  

    3D and 3D Layout (Panel3D).  With basic primitives (cube, sphere etc) and decorators.  3D text would be nice too.

    HTML integration.  Include adaptor to convert to/from HTML+CSS to XAML objects.

    Integrate SQL-CE and synchronization services.  

    Create a better CollectionView that uses LINQ and provides thread-safe updates.  Like Continuous LINQ (in Codeplex).  Include new XAML objects to create a LINQ query from mark-up.

    A client side MVC framework.would be nice.  

    H.264 support for video.

    More granular permission system.  Let a SL page ask for permission to access specific named resources on a machine (e.g. address book, email, local server etc).  Use a token mechanism to store the user’s response.

  7. Bill Reiss says:

    Some of my wish list:

    Client side encoding of video

    3D support or at least some distort transforms

    Bitmap resize and GetPixel/SetPixel and other bitmap methods

    Routed events to handle mouse events in XAML

    Variable rate video playback


    Improved text rendering at small font sizes

    Global styling of controls without the Style tag

  8. Michael Sync says:

    1)  More controls

    2)  More Media Supports (SL should support all extensions what Flash supports)

    3)  Loosely XAML with Managed Code. (.xap is good but we need other ways too. like we got with 1.1 Alpha)

    4) Webcam and Microphone supports.

    5) Allows to bind datagrid with anonymous type

    6) Cool XAML designer is needed. (not just readonly) and also propertypad.

    7) Don’t crash the browser no matter what. ( I found two issues that crashes the browsers during short period of times. Yes. I’m talking about SL2 beta1 )

  9. Ork says:

    Are we there already? First lets make sure we have much better compatibility between SL and WPF in v2, then we can move forward..

  10. Mark says:

    Microsoft needs to quickly figure out how to provide 3d. Maybe they need to deliver with DirectX for Windows then suck up their pride and deliver it using OpenGL for other platforms. There’s not doubt Flash will be/ is working towards this too (i.e. papervision3d etc) but at least then you’re both fighting for the future edge rather than just playing catch up.  

  11. Arnaud Weil says:

    Ok, I’ll make my request. Can we have full Silverlight support on Windows Mobile devices?

    Thanks for asking, by the way!

  12. From inside the box:  Some kind of auto-SEO (i.e.

    From outside the box: Silverlight as a ViewEngine for Asp.Net MVC

  13. Sean says:

    For those of us who cannot require .NET 3.0 on the client, but are able to leverage Silverlight in the meantime… a C++ (ATL / MFC) wrapper for hosting the Silverlight runtime. Make it really easy to interop to / from C++ directly with the Silverlight DOM, bypassing the HTML DOM. Ideally, enable running Silverlight apps as standalone apps…

  14. kYann says:


    It would be great to have :

    – Webcam support to make visioconference

    – Sound recording and manipulation

    – Speech recognition

    – Synthetic voice to read text

    – Full Support of Illustrator to XAML !

    – 3D Support

    Well the most important features are WebCam, Sound Recording and full AI to XAML.

    If you could make it, there will be no reason to use something else than silverlight 🙂

  15. Rick Barraza says:

    > Easy PNG Sequencing. I mean, seriously now.

    > Native video Chroma support. Come on, WMV.

    > At least postcards in space, Faux 3D (2.5 D) matrix transforms.

    > Camera Support

    > Mic Support

    > SetPixel() and GetPixel() support.

    > Sound equalizer / GetPeak

    > None of this not being able to query the actual x, y, width, height after XAML render transforms / storyboards slobber all over it. Don’t want to hear "the whole point is that the render takes care of it so you don’t HAVE to know…." yeah, tell that to my 10 years of procedural code hacks that work their magic. Make storyboards learn to play nice, not go all ‘rendition’ on everything they touch. Then maybe we’ll start using them more when we want to do stuff sexier or more fun than just business RIA.

    Give us those things, and there ain’t nothing we can’t build one way or another.

    BTW, It’s amazing how much Silverlight has jumped up from 1.0 to 2.0 beta in under a year. Even with 2.0 beta 1, you guys are getting RIA covered nicely, but we gotta start making it super slick as well. But you guys are doing an absolutely incredible job, mad props.

  16. cybertiger says:

    webcam/mic support

    Desktop share support

    3D enviroment support

    H264 support

    I hope webcam/mic support can come soon, it will be good and important feature which flash already has.

  17. pbz says:

    Performance, performance, performance… I’m talking UI performance here (I know the compiled .NET will be fast). And… why the heck do you need to have version 3.0, start adding features as soon as you can. Have a 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. Why wait another 2 years to get there? And also adjust the feature set as you go, tweak what you have, fix as you go… be agile!!

  18. says:

    Bitmap API so that we can do some complex games.

    GetPixel/SetPixel, basically raster image functionality in the core .Net framework.

  19. Here’s my take:

    – Command infrastructure: RoutedCommands, InputBindingings etc.

    – Extensibility: beeing able to override classes like you can in WPF. E.g. override DoubleAnimation or write a custom shape class.

    – better support for playing Sound, at least the possibility to play a loop

    – triggers

    – databinding for elements



  20. mcray says:

    * A cross-platform method to return keyboard events to host browser.

    In current implementation, we cannot provide consistent behavior for keyboard operation between host browser and plug-in objects; When a SL plugin has forcus, an user cannot use familiar operation such as Ctrl-N(Win)/Cmd-N(Mac) for new window, Ctrl-Tab(WinIE)/Ctrl-PgDn(WinFireFox)/Cmd-Shift-Right(MacSafari) for next tab and so on.

    I would very happy if I could use DefWndProc() like function to return unhandled events to host browser with cross platform.

  21. mcray says:

    * Basic 3D support or at least some distort transforms

    * Client side bitmap manipulation – I was very surprised and disappointed to see SL2 does not have any client side bitmap manipulation.

    * Audio/Video input and Client side data (raw or compressed wave/image) manipulation.

    Yes. we need both power of low-level access and cross platform!

  22. ambatisreedhar says:

    3D support required as fast as possible

  23. KKI says:

    1) String.Normalize method  (Because Mac OS X uses HFS+ filesystem, the filename of Isolated Storage File is not Normalizatiion Form C but Normalization Form D. We want to normalize it.)

    2) application’s quota of isolated storage space (not host’s quota. Please tell me why is and quota the same!?)

    3) keycode of platform non-dependence (I don’t want to write "if(OS == "Win32" && browser == "IE") { …" or so.)

    4) clipboardData.getData and setData (Yes, I know it that IE can use clipboard by JScript. but other web browser can not do it. We can use clipboard in any web browser by power of Flash. Why only Flash?)

  24. Dominic Messenger says:

    1) More controls

    2) Better designer support (I hate Xaml)

    3) Volta-like [RunAtOrigin]/[RunAtClient] with automated splitting of server code and SL presentation code in VS.

    Flash has many problems for serious RIA development but the biggest one is lack of synchronous code execution which leads to a massive maintenance overhead (tried to follow code in Flex in an enterprise app? Impossible!)

    Don’t ever drop synchronous support – closures give async support anyway if needed.

    For developing RIAs you simply want to develop a "desktop" app and split the code between presentation/server using attributes or an MVC framework. Let the compiler generate the glue, not the developer.

  25. prx says:

    Hi, according to my needs,  the missing critical features are ;

    1- Something Flash offers but Silverlight doesn’t : live audio / video capture

    2- Something Flash doesn’t offer but Siverlight really should : GPU acceleration

    By the way, do you know when this Sileverlight 3.0 is released ?


  26. Hristo says:

    – More extensible framework !

    – Better support for control templates in Blend 2.5

    – XAML / Markup Extensions (created by me)

    – Better code compatibility with WPF

    – Extensibility: beeing able to override classes like you can in WPF. E.g. override DoubleAnimation or write a custom shape class !

    – triggers !!

  27. Angelo says:

    Features we need every day and are forced to code in flash/flex

    -live audio/video server record

    -low latency for video conferencing

    -H264 and other standard codec support

    Keep up the good work

    Thanks, angelo

  28. BeeJay says:

    Thanx for asking!

    1.) more standard controls

    2.) more extended controls

    3.) and lots more controls 🙂

    Even with SL2 (or at least what I know of it) it will be a lot of hard work to get a "simple" rich client app rewritten with SL/WPF (menu, toolbar, dockable windows, virtual data grid, etc.).

    Thank you,


  29. Alex.H. says:

    I would like to see more controls in the silverlight SDK like:

    – ComboBox

    – Toolbar

    – Menu

    Hostable Editor for XAML files like the one available for WWF.



  30. James says:

    While you are at, why not look at ver 4.0.  For heaven sake, release Ver2.0 before getting on to Ver 3.0.  Do you hear a sign of frustration.  You bet & so are milliosn fo other developers.  Developers stay with MS because their financial livlihood is tied to MS (one reason) but MS better get smart soon!!

    Well I’m providing this feedback because I care so don’t get me wrong.

  31. Webcam and Microphone support.

    I you want me to stop using Flex / Flash

  32. Mark Davies says:

    I too would love

    Speech recognition (we make educational software – this would be incredible addition to help students)

    3d would be nice

  33. memals says:

    As my whole point of using Silverlight was to consume other sites images on the client (I.e. I can not change the format) GIF support would be nice.

  34. Any sort of lower latency audio/video streaming option would be huge.  One thing that is blaringly absent from _any_ Windows Media component is low-latency streaming (sub 1 second would be a great start)

    If silverlight had this feature, our entire company and thousands of our customers would be using it as quickly as we could kick Windows Media Player to the curb.

  35. John B. says:

    Can you please update the efficiency of the audio codec in Silverlight 3.0? If you have anything equal to or ***better- especially at low bitrates- to WIndows Media Audio 10 Professional – I would be in Microsoft HEAVEN! And, if possible- support  for 24BIT audio at higher bitrates 🙂

  36. fabio says:

    sorry for my english

    I need :

    – Lowlevel audio/midi api.

      – Custom Audio/MIDI Callback (Recording & Playing) for exemple programming custom virtual musical instrument ( sound synthesis in realtime, machine drum etc… )


  37. Helen says:

    – need support video formats with alpha chanel (video with transparent background for example).

  38. Brett Styles says:

    On of the areas I would like to see enhancements in is imaging. The ability to pre-process (resize, crop) an image on the client so it can upload to a backend sevice for priniting. It is currently a waste of bandwidth uploading 10meg images to print/process a image than only needs to be 500k. This would improve the client experience on any site they upload images. ie a picture for their blog etc. The current image control is very limited, much like it’s html counterpart.

    It would be nice to load this functionality as an on-demand loaded library rather than as the core componant to keep the low silverlight size. Although with the large number of people on broadband, the current 4meg download in very, very small when you consider this component is ment to stream HD video.

    One of the major common issues that is raised is wpf/silverlight compatability. This area needs a strong focus in 3.0.

  39. BaseHead says:

    1. Triggers.

    2. Be able to open and port a full Blend WPF app even if you loose some controls just to get you started

  40. anony.muos says:

    Support WMA Professional codec. Will be very useful for streaming audio for extremely low-bitrates yet awesome quality.

  41. Dan Finch says:

    "Installation" of chromeless browser-based smart clients, and the usual list: 3d, webcams, and microphones.

  42. snortblt says:

    1. RenderTargetBitmap and/or VisualBrush support. Absolutely critical for graphics apps.

    2. DataTemplateSelector

    3. Audio/MIDI

    4. Standalone app mode (a la AIR)

    5. Hardware acceleration

  43. —————-

    * Compatibility with older versions

    * More Reasonable load time in case of large data.

    * MIDI composer . ( 🙂 )… Something like fruityloops but the thing is it is in the IDE and is a part of Silverlight :)..

    * One property page for applications (in the right click menu.. Just 2 Items would be good – Silverlight Configuration, Application Configuration — Something like that).. Does it have this already ?

    * Socket support (Guess you did give one with 2)

    * Support for Web Cam and Microphone

    * Standalone player and better design featuers within the IDE.

    * Rich control set (like/more than flash)

    * Smaller Code Size.

    * 3D Support.. And How about Silverlight as an Online Gaming Platform ? Could be a great idea if done. How about Some sort of a small DX Based game engine ? Sounds good too..

    * Do something to make it available across all machines (Windows atleast) just like flash…

    Ok.. It is just a wish list 🙂


  44. Garry Trinder says:


    These wishlists are awesome. I just thought I would follow up to again thank you for the feature requests etc, and I have taken these in many times to planning meetings with the teams to work out where things land and if they are possible to implement.

    Keep them coming, nothing is stupid and everything is welcomed. I will follow-up if I may with some folks here to get some deeper insights into some of the requests to make sure I’ve got them fleshed out more.

    Scott Barnes

    Rich Platforms Product Manager


  45. Sebastian says:

    We need a graphics context, for working with primitives and bitmapdata read/write

  46. Uchimata says:

    A Wizard-driven template-based Silverlight application generator would be lovely somewhere in a Silverlight Development Toolkit! I mean, to create standardizable applications like:

    o Single one-grid DB app, connecting to an RDBMS, by selecting

    – basic grid view options

    – db connection data (MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, …/ host, user, pw)

    – comm. protocol (SOAP, JSON, XML+URL, etc)

    – targeted server-side components (php, perl, asp, etc)

    – and finally generating the necessary silverlight code beside the server-side PHP or ASP or other scripts.

    o Chat application with selectable option on P2P and  client-server arch.

    o Picture gallery, browser and uploader

    o Media player

    o 3 tier "CRM-like" application skeleton

    o Webshop skeleton, and so on.

    MS should utilize its partners to provide high-quality templates for this application generator wizard, and leave pleace for any 3rd party templates. Open source community may love it.

  47. Richard says:

    This would apply to all requests above: We understand that download size of Silverlight is a concern. But this is no reason to leave features out of the release completly. So for example :  include a seperate assembly which we can reference when we need to include hardware support in our applications (such as webcam). In other words exactly the same approach as desktop. Yes I realize that this will still add SOME overhead to the plugin but is better than not having this support at all.  

  48. Erik says:

    Image Processing support!  (need to crop, transform, adjust pixels, etc, etc)!!!!!

  49. John says:

    1.)  Bitmap classes.  Set Pixel, Get Pixel.

    2.)  Basic database support (not over web-services).  I would love to take pre-existing code and bind it to Silverlight grids instead of Asp.Net grids at my workplace.  I know this probably won’t happen, but if Silverlight gets bindable data objects I’ll dance with joy (like, a data reader or data table) .

    3.)  More standard controls.

    4.)  Better designer (the RC1 SDK is a step in the right direction).  I want a WinForms type ease that I can put business applications out with quickly (and it would be nice to have #2 with that instead of web services for speed alone).

  50. Lee says:

    Can’t believe noone else’s mentioned it.. Rich Text Editor! please.

  51. * Improve the performance and resolve AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR forever,path is becoming headache.

    * Controls Should be drag-droppable on canvas in Visual Studio,so things should work without blend also.

  52. Here are some of my requests for upcoming versions of Silverlight.  Mostly, they involve porting WPF features that I believe enhance/simplify building real-world applications:

    I. Must Haves (aka I’ll be content with the next version)

      1. Improvements to DataBinding

          a. Add ElementName Binding (and relative binding, but this is of less importance)

          b. Add UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged (this really has a big effect in real apps)

      2. Control and Template Model

          a. Add Style and Template selectors

          b. Add triggers

      3. Add some method for inheritance of the element name and data context.  In WPF you can use Freezables as discussed here to accomplish this.  If you add a new mechanism for accomplishing this same affect, please add it to both WPF and Silverlight.  This tends to be very important in nontrivial applications.

      4. Add custom markup extensions.  These should match the WPF implementation, such that one can get access to the parser info, etc.  One big problem I have right now is that there is now way to resolve a Type in Xaml.  This is problematic when trying to use a DI container to compose a UI.

      5.  Add DrawingBrush

    II. Wants (aka I’ll be very happy with the next version)

       1. A mechanism for low-level, high performance drawing.  aka. drawing context or a tleast geometries

       2. WPF’s Pixel Shaders

       3. Offline support (waiting to see what PDC reveals, but MESH integration would probably be good enough if it worked cross platform)

       (4. RenderTargetBitmap)

    III. Dreams (aka I jump up and scream praises of the next version)

       1.  Hardware Acceleration

       2. 3D

    Just a note that Flash/Flex/Air has some amount of all the features in category II and III.

    In general, my opinoin is that Microsoft should only build it if I cannot build it on top of the platform.  Strengthening the core enables me to do much more impressive things than adding tons of controls, for example.  In my experience, the higher level the framework Microsoft tries to build, the more wrong they tend to get it.  So, if you stick to strengthening the foundations then I think you open up a lot more possibilities and run less risk of bloating the framework with stuff that people won’t use.  Trust the community to add the higher level pieces.

    I could list more stuff, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet by pointing out things that I could use most or would be excited to see in a future version.  I’m sure you’ve heard most of this before, but I just want to cast another vote.

  53. JeffTindall says:

    Another vote for media capture – specifically audio.

  54. Ian Jones says:

    Really really want to to be able to playback PCM data on the fly…. and maybe a Mixer API would be nice to manage it all though I *could* code that myself I suppose.

  55. Hereby some items of my wishlist for future Silverlight versions.

    In next service pack:

    – ElementName in Binding (like WPF)

    – Solve DataContext binding in ToolTip

    – Support for Doubleclick events

    In Silverlight 3:

    – Support for properties window in Visual Studio 2008

    – Selecting elements in preview window in Visual Studio 2008

    – Integration with the Enterprise Library Validation Block

    – wsHttpBinding support

    – VisualBrush (like WPF)

    – HTML to XAML converter component

    – DOCX to XAML converter component

  56. Ole says:

    Support for synchronous communication with servers. At the very least on background threads.

    We have a fairly large web app, and just thinking about the maintainability issues if we rewrote it to async makes me shiver.

    Of course async has its place but so do sync.


  57. William Leary says:

    – Ability to bind directly to XML or LINQ query results.

    – IDataErrorInfo aware bindings

    – SelectedValuePath in bindings, like in WPF. (So not have to have object-reference based hookups in things like combo boxes.)

  58. Ian says:

    Data Triggers!!

    and I’d like to be able to get microphone input

  59. George Sealy says:

    We’re currently working on a SL 2 game.  I love the environment, but here are things that would make life significantly easier:

    – the ability to build class libraries that create controls and share them between SL and WPF applications.  For example, our game code that renders scenes etc is built in Silverlight.  If I could reuse those controls insiide a WPF level editor, my productivity would shoot through the roof.

    – Blending modes!  The addition of at least additive blending would greatly expand the kind of effects we could create.  Currently any ‘light based’ effect, lightning, fire etc doesn’t work properly with the one (compositing) blend mode available.

    – Hardware support for bitmap effects like we now have in WPF.

    – The ability to get and set pixel data, so that we can a) easily create dynamic images, and b) use image data for something other than rendering – navigation paths, height maps for example.

    – Visual brush support – one of WPF’s great features.

  60. Sami says:

    I think supporting for localization and right to left(RTL) is really needed in this stage.

  61. Kevin says:

    I see a lot of wishes for Midi interface.  I wish for that too.

    _ MIDI API

    For example, a music instructional web application can play a score from web page and send message to Midi device for playback in real-time.

  62. Dat says:

    Reporting Services Suport is a must for business application to integrate with Silverligh

  63. Robert says:

    * Printing support,

    * Text highlighting in TextBlock,

    * Input validation controls,

    * Browser history integration

    * Navigation controls such as bread crumbs,

    * Integrated authentication management and login controls.

    We also need guidance on building an end-to-end line of business (LOB) application that documents best practices in handling/storing/retrieving data.  The guidance should not assume that the the developer is using SQL Server or Entity Framework all of the time.  Many of us want to build a SL front end for data access layers that connect to Oracle, MySQL, etc.

    Great work on Silverlight so far!  Keep it up!

  64. Richtext editor

    Markup Extensions

    Element Binding

    Ability to use XamlReader on non-UI thread

    WebBrowser control that uses current browser (I know you can fake this but why not fake it in the framework).

  65. steve says:

    More WPF binding capabilities, like Binding.ElementName


    h.264 (heard you were already doing this…awesome)


    Timeline.Started event (in contrast to the Completed event)

    Fit Client platform – access to file system, installable apps with self updating, etc

    ….basically continue to adopt more WPF features

  66. steve again says:

    Style and ControlTemplate Triggers

  67. Paul says:

    I know we have deep zoom for images and the like but it would be nice to have a zoom in and out for all controls (including user defined ones). In this way we can provide the ability for users to zoom in and out giving more controls – or fitting more controls on a given screen. Kind of like the zoom in surface

  68. John Egbert says:

    – Bitmap Effects similar to WPF (Drop shadow, glow, blur)

    – HTML viewer control that display HTML in a Silverlight app formated correctly

    – Better support to Dynamically switch out styles of an application

    – Richtext Editor

    – Input Validation controls

    – Support for playing more video formats

    – Support to create BaseUserControls and inherit from them problem free)

    – Optimize the compression of the xap file to use maximum compression (for smaller app sizes; right now they are about 22% bigger than they could be with maximum compression)

    – Intellisence in Blend

  69. Greg Turner says:

    1) Synchronous access to databases.

    2) controls that match WPF in all aspects.

    3) VS designer

  70. °||° says:

    1) Speech Recognition (Mic and Webcam Support)

    2) Sound control and manipulation

    3) Triggers + States working together. For example, using automata theory, we can think of states as… well, states and triggers as transitions… 🙂

    4) 3D support (I saw a Quakelight demo developed by a french guy in only three weeks using SL2!! O_o)

    5) I just watched a demo of javaFX and they could take out an applet-like application out of the browser to the desktop… not particularly useful, but pretty cool 😛

    6) PDF + Office interop (Maybe just exporting to those formats)

  71. wizard says:

    Support for Right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic) is a must for me. Without it, Silverlight is useless for serious development.

  72. footnick says:

    3D rendering

    Mic support and speech recognition

    Basic bitmap editing (eg resizing, pixel editing)

    Silverlight installed with Windows as default.

    Support for standalone Silverlight apps


    Dynamic styles

    Inherit classes in separate assemblies (XAML)

    Right Mouse Button events

    Thanks for listening.  


  73. KD says:

    I’m looking at Silverlight as an application platform, so…

    A scanning control that interacts with TWAIN drivers would be fantastic.

    Report building controls

    Standard upload/download controls etc.

    Spellchecking capabilities

    Make sure all controls handle common events like the mouse wheel.


  74. Ivan Pelly says:

    Please please allow the developer to supply a file name before showing the SaveFileDialog – it’s crazy to expect the user to have to accurately type in a long file name, every time.

  75. Why the hell do you worship this piece of crap!? Flex is 100 times better and is… well… FINISHED AND WORKING AS YOU EXPECT !

    I’ll never understand you guys…

  76. Dexter says:

    * Alpha and Additive transparency  blending  ( 2D/3D )

    * 3D frmaework ala XNA  "NOT" like in WFP/3D

    * Enable to use UDP Socket

    * Let the user know when rendering is completed or give us some

      option to invalidate the whole screen when doin it’s vertical retrace.

    Million Kudos to Silverlight team!

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