Meet "Dax", my idea for a mascot (not official).

I like both the "blue monster campaign" and SIlverlight and given I'm dabbling around in 3D at the moment, I decided to play around with the idea of combining the two.

Note: This is not the official mascot for Silverlight, instead it's simply me mucking around with 3D. Please do not use this in anyway in conjunction with Microsoft branding.

Here's "Dax" as I'd like to call him (why? dunno but Dax just stuck out as a cute name for the little guy). He's currently sitting in a surgical chair because he made fun of Flashbots new upgrades. He said they were rushed a bit to and looked like he just raided a dead storm trooper for them.

Flashbot obviously disagrees.

Red vs Blue - DAX makes fun of Splashbots new upgrades

I'm so i love with these two cool characters, that I'm using them in my PowerPoint decks next week (TechReady 6 - Internal Microsoft conference in Seattle next week).

Here are some other picks

Don't be alarmed, I'm Aussie

(Fig 1 - Since I'm an aussie, don't be alarmed at my accent fellow international audience members)

Here are your go do's.

(Fig 2 - Here are your "Go Do's")

Turning the tide..

(Fig 3 - Putting Flashbot under the ...drill?)

Title of my presentation

(Fig 4 - Title Screen.. FLashbot's so proud of his new helmet)

Balance Back to The Force..

(Fig 5 - Old title screen, Dax and Flashbot having a fall out over it)

Splashbot being disected

(Fig 6 - Flashbot pinned to the wall heh.)

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  1. Pete Brown says:

    "Aren’t you a little short for a RIA platform?" 🙂

  2. Mark Cohen says:

    Cool 🙂  I like the Vitruvian Flashbot  😉

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