You define RIA.


Last night I put up my RIA Chat video teaser and I got a few direct emails from folks asking who said the quote at the end:

"..What you do with the UX Platform today will define what RIA looks like tomorrow.."

Well, *proud look* it was me. It's something I settled on a while back as at the heart of what RIA is today or tomorrow is really about what we do with the technology before us. I highlight this by ensuring the words "you", "define" and "RIA" are in different colour as that's ultimately the hidden meaning or agenda.

  • You define RIA by the way you build code.
  • You define RIA by the way you design interfaces.
  • You define RIA by the way you tell others about it.
  • You define RIA by the way you use it to spark adoption.
  • You define RIA.

A few readers may remember a while back I used the word "Interactive" vs "Internet" when defining RIA. It got into quite a heated debate (amazing how one little word can trigger so much emotion). In the end what made me angry, frustrated and depressed was that no one person stated how they define RIA. Instead we got into this semantic battle about who had it first, who's taking it tomorrow and why change something if it ain't broke.

Who said it was fixed? and who decides if it's broken? Lots of questions that I'm going to spend some time getting answers to and the people whom have such answers are..well..

You.. as you define RIA.

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  1. Great Post, and Great Quote!  I will definitely refer to it in future presentations.  I have also been super excited about Silverlight recently.  A few days ago at our .net user group in Winnipeg (Winter Peg), I presented to a packed house of over 80+ .net developers and designers on Silverlight!  It was an awesome turnout (best ever, even beating out John Bristowe of Microsoft)!  People are definitely excited about Silverlight, and I used the session to educate everyone on RIA, and what it is… I was shocked how little people knew about RIA!   Anyway, your quote is perfect, because we do define RIA ourselves!  I’m hoping to dedicate the next year in building RIA and Silverlight knowledge in our community!  Should be a great ride!

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