Something is being built…and I hope you RIA kids are watching…

I've been a busy little Microsoftee and have done a lot of interviews over the past few months with folks from all walks of life. I'm about to go live very soon with a project. What's the project? not telling until it's finished. I will give you a teaser though.

It's nothing I've seen done here at Microsoft before so what you are seeing is simply a quick video tease.

(Note: RSS Reading folks will need to come visit the website to see the video heh)

My first chat is with someone from the hollywood movie scene. His work has inspired...

Release date is in February.. but

If you have someone you want me to talk to about RIA, then by all means contact me.

* Update: 1/02/2007 *

I've now included a Flash version of the Video.

Comments (3)
  1. Daniel Tome says:

    Is there anyway to get that video converted to flv? 😉

  2. Garry Trinder says:


    Yup, just about to upload now to YouTube…

    (one format at a time and i went with the easiest heheh)

  3. Should everyone start making it a standard to not Auto-Start movies?  Over the last few years it’s become a psuedo-standard to have to click Play to get something started. (Maybe in part due to the "Click to Activate" lawsuit thingy) I usually pop a bunch of windows open from Google Reader and then read them all….it gets crazy if all of a sudden music is playing and I have to find which window is playing.   Just a thought.

    I’m excited to see what you have up your sleeve re:RIA and the interviews.  It looks like you’re working towards high production value which is always good.  Talk to you soon and see you at MIX.


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