Wanted: CSS Artist to redesign visitmix.com

How about this, you redesign the visitmix.com site with some CSS goodness and if our judges think you have the best talent / flair for the job, we'll give you free admission to MIX08 (Las Vegas) and accommodation at the Venetian hotel as well as - $1000 towards travel expenses.

Designs will be accepted until midnight (Pacific Time), February 7, 2008. We will announce the winning entries on or about February 14, 2008.

More Info can be found here: http://visitmix.com/2008/restyle/

Why go to MIX08? It's probably the best Microsoft web conferences on earth (I had a blast last year) and the parties at night are legendary. The below flickr photos are some of my highlights from last year:

A View from my Hotel Room (Bellagio - aka Oceans 11 Hotel)Las Vegas 006

Ray Ozzie on stageMIX07 067

Some folks from our ANZ region with me outside the Venetian.MIX07 033

Some more folks from our ANZ region with me inside a Stretch Limo (it's cheaper than a taxi so relax expense report people hehe)
MIX07 021

The party upstairs at Pure Night Club - Ceasar Palace.
MIX07 077

Brian Goldfarb (Group Product Manager) and Aaron Brethorst (ex Program Manager Popfly) enjoying the night out.MIX07 073

Microsoftee's enjoying a limo to an exclusive party, Ryan Stewart taking a snooze (he was blinking)MIX07 034

Shane Morris (UXE) talking to John Udell about how Web 2.0 is evolvingMIX07 029

To be continued this year...( I want your photo here please )

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  1. Adam Kinney says:

    Nice!  You win the "Best Post about ReStyle" contest.  Great pics.

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