Silverlight: Instant YouTube out of the box.

“..I’ve got this idea, and it’s a way to do a job that is better than what YouTube does today..” is usually an opening line I receive a lot (not word for word, but the meaning is there).

Silverlight can enable you to do many powerful things should you put your mind to the task. In that every time I hear the above story begin unfolding, the more I keep waiting for the missing piece, the part that is the show stopper for them.

Automated Encoding.

I guess folks are assuming Microsoft is going to provide an end to end packaged solution which enables you to hit the “Instant YouTube” button, which in turn allows them to create their own YouTube.

Well, I’ve not see any beta’s for that button but I am going to redirect you to a possible idea around how this is possible. Michael “Synergist” Scherotter - an Evangelist whom I predict may win Evangelist of the year - has put together an awesome webcast on using both Windows Workflow Activities and command line interface for Expression Encoder.


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