Deep Linking in Silverlight

An anonymous message via my MSN Messenger housed within the blog gave me this URL.

It appears to be Deep Linking within Silverlight. I must confess I'm not a fan of the concept of Deep linking in RIA's, as for me the concept just goes against the grain. Using the URL within the agent is essentially a bit Mickey Mouse and defeats the purpose of having a RIA but that being said, I won't judge any whom use it (whatever blows your hair back).

Should you choose to want this, hey go for it:

We started working on a new prototype and the first result is now available online. As you may see, this new thing will be called .NETAddress and will target not only Silverlight but also ASP.NET AJAX. Both Microsoft and Adobe are coming up with their own deep linking solutions, but we believe that our SWFAddress is the best offering for the moment and we want to bring its power to the .NET platform

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  1. Ken Azuma says:

    Happy new year Scott !

    Hmm. It’s interesting.


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