RE: Silverlight 3.0 Wishlists

A few days ago I blogged about how I'm seeing Silverlight 3.0 wishlist(s) popping up all over the interweb for the end of year celebrations.

At any point, I've been given the task of aggregating this data to hand off to folks within the Silverlight Team.


That being said, now is your chance to add to this further. If you have any ideas on what you'd love to see inside Silverlight tomorrow please leave either a comment or email me direct via scbarnes /__/

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  1. John says:


    Here is a quick list if it isn’t mentioned anywhere (and if it isn’t going to be included in SL 2.0).

    * Printing Support (Ideally hooking into the browser print command or alternatively using the same approach as Flash)

    * Accessibility Focus (Making it easy to allow SL apps to be accessible).

    * MVC Support (Or something similar) so that SL sites/apps can use the same approach as Rails, ASP.NET MVC, Monorail etc

    * Anything that can be done to improve search engine optimisation of a SL App

    * Best practice articles, samples etc (I know this will be produced over time anyway but thought it worth a mention).

    Happy New Year


  2. mike wolf says:

    -single compile multiple clr’s… compile dll for silverlight deploy unchanged on server/wpf etc

    -wpf/silverlight compatable user control / template

    -drawing api

  3. jackbond says:

    Little hard to request features for 3.0 when the 2.0 feature list hasn’t been fully released (other than a few hints) but here goes:

    3D support

    A file save dialog for saving outside of protected storage

    Encryption namespace

    Permission from Microsoft to copy code from classes in the full .net 3.5 framework that are not included in the silverlight framework(for use within silverlight applications)

    Microphone and web cam support

    Flow Panels

    TFS support from Blend(not exactly silverlight)

    Better packaging of libraries. Right now it isn’t very easy to embed Silverlight content in sites that do not support iframes or scripts(myspace for starters)

    Digital signing to verify authorship

    TONS of controls

  4. prakash says:

    Most of the requests are already made.  Here are somethings I would like to  be there in silverlight.

    1. Abilty to display, extract and set html inside silverlight with all the stylesheet and html tag support.

    2. Abilty to add context menus, simple drag and drop support.

    3. Abilty to save images and videos inside silverlight control

    4. Copy paste of rich text

    5. Support for silverlight (c#) in vs2005

    6. Good support for threading, we cant access the UI elements from another thread.

    7.Lots of controls for rapid application development

    8.Directly switching over to full screen programatically on load of page

  5. jackbond says:

    Forgot these:

    An absolute killer feature would be a rich text box. The current crop of html client editors shows the need for this type of functionality.

    Dialogs that are modal to a particular panel. The Ajax Control Toolkit has the modal dialog extender, but having native support for modal(as opposed to semi-transparent layers covering the entire screen) would be great.

  6. Steve says:

    Printing Support!

    I know I’m adding to this late – sorry.

    There seems to be two sides to Silverlight – the multimedia, graphics, cool presentation side, and there’s the side that gets me excited – the mini CLR and thinking "Wow! I can almost move my app to a web app! No more installation issues; no more updating issues; no more piracy issues!  What a world it would be…  But you can’t move a business app online if the user can’t print pretty documents… What I really need is an MS Word control!

  7. Per says:

    P2P streaming without any other client than the Silverlight plug in. If that would be possible it would lower the costs by large numbers for media companies

  8. PierreMF says:

    Make Silverlight = WPF/E !

    That is, make Silverlight code compatible with WPF, and make it a REAL subset of WPF. Please please don’t make Silverlight 3 "something that is almost like WPF because it uses XAML too".

  9. João Costa says:

    I havent been following Silverlight development since its 1.0Beta but is offline storage available? if not, that would be my 1st wish 🙂

  10. Ram says:

    Here are some features I would like see in future versions of Silverlight:

    – Filters : shadows, gaussian blur, motion blur

    – Imaging API : to change hue, saturation, colorize, etc.

    – Right-click support for context menus

    – Support for touch inputs and gestures

    – Some physics (to simplify animations)

    – Hardware acceleration (2D or 3D) ?

    – An IDE feature to finish: intellisense with bindings

  11. • Alpha transparency video. I know it’s a WMV codec thing… but have this opens up so many possibilities that currently requires hacks to get around.

    • HTML rendering

    • Local database storage      

    • Database synchronization            

    • Can drag & drop from desktop to Silverlight        

    • Ability to create new Silverlight windows

    • Inverse kinematics / bones            

  12. MishaSt says:

    Ability to use local assemblies. May be you make some attribute, like [SilverlightSafety], and Silverlight may use assemblies or classes from GAC, alredy installed, that marked by this attribute. For example you make in Managed DirectX support of Silverlight, but DirectX downloaded not in silverlight package, he downloaded manually.

  13. Edward V. says:

    Please include in Silverlight 3.0 an updated, higher efficiency audio codec…. I would be very VERY happy  if  it included Full-Spec Windows Media Audio 10 Professional codec support … But if Microsoft has anything better (WIndows Media Audio 11 codec , anyone?) -especially at lower bitrates – lower than 64kbps- that would be superb! I would definetly – and, i bet,  alot of other people – would ***greatly*** welcome Higher quality audio at lower bitrates with silverlight 3.0.

  14. Rabe says:

    Ability to use miltutouch like Iphone.

  15. Rabe says:

    Ability to use multitouch like Iphone.

  16. fabio says:

    lowlevel audio api, recording audio, allow to generate audio at runtime ( sound synthesis )

    sorry for my english …  

  17. If it’s not already on the list, then please add;

    Flow documents like WPF (Including XPS support)

    ControlTemplate triggers (if its not already there)



  18. SoulSolutions says:

    I’m with RAM on:

    – Filters : shadows, gaussian blur, motion blur

    – Imaging API : to change hue, saturation, colorize, etc.

    – Right-click support for context menus (although there are js hacks for this)

    – Hardware acceleration


    – Mouse wheel support in full screen mode!

  19. How about:

    1) Accepting a Stream from a WCF Service.

    2) Accepting a DataTable (or DataSet) from a WCF Web Service (if not this then please support number 6)

    3) Built in support for a Modal Dialog (or push dispatch frame for rolling our own.)

    4) The datatype attribute of a data template, so I can make a datatemplate for different types and have them display automatically.

    5) A ComboBox and a Password box would be nice (but I expect them to be in the RTM!)

    6) Xml Binding syntax (xpath bindings.)

  20. Ian Jones says:

    What I would really like to see is MediaElement support for raw PCM streams.  Thanks muchly if it this makes it in!

  21. Jairam says:

    1. Support for webcam

    2. Better streaming

    3. Better support for 3D transformations

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