Flip4Mac supports Silverlight.

Well hot off the wire, Flip4Mac apparently enables folks to export into Silverlight for the web.

What is Flip4Mac?

Flip4Mac WMV enables Macintosh users to play, import and export Windows Media Video and Audio files in native QuickTime applications.

What does this mean?

Nothing, everything. Whilst there is a fair few folks wanting to see Expression Encoder on the Mac, this is still a good alternative (even if should we decide to head down that path). I use Flip4Mac to play a lot of WMV assets I have from work and it's actually quite a seamless experience.

Won't this conflict with the whole Expression Studio story?

Probably, but in my own opinion if we had 50 more Flip4Mac pieces of software floating around on the net that allow end users to encode into Silverlight, I'm all for it (fingers in all barrels I say).

It's also good to see the folks behind Flip4Mac supporting Silverlight and acknowledge that it's a technology worth investing through their direct support. This overall is a positive sign in the Silverlight story as with more and more ISV's out there making adjustments to their own product roadmap's to cater towards our new UX Platform it's positive signs for all whom adopt.

So because of that, I'll give them a free plug via my blog:

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When will Expression Encoder be supported for the Mac?

No comment. That being said, the Product Teams are aware of the Macintosh and the demographic whom use such products. I'll let them decide that fate and information around it.


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  1. Brody says:

    "the Product Teams are aware of the Macintosh"


  2. Rosyna says:

    Flip4Mac exists solely because Microsoft is unwilling to invest any time or effort into WMV decoding/encoding on the Mac. Flip4Mac is the official WMV playback solution for Mac OS X.

  3. Garry Trinder says:


    Grow up, and try a bit of originality.


    Your comment suprises me. I’ve sat in a lot of meetings around our product roadmaps and i’m pretty darn sure i’ve never once heard the words "Don’t invest in Apple".. I’m not going to argue the point with you as it seems you’ve made up your mind, what I would like to know is how you came to this opinion? in that what is it specifically that has led you down this path?

    As if we weren’t really serious about WMV + Apple then why bother releasing Silverlight on the platform? I mean does Silverlight not also compete with Quicktime? Think about it..

  4. Antonio says:

    in the meantime, yes, Flip4Mac does the job. While the "who’s zoomin who" goes on, wmv is alive and well on a Mac thanks to F4M (with the help and consent of Microsoft). Now if only the content providers would stick to a wmv standard, and stop introducing all the weird codecs hiding underneath.

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