LiveNet 0.2 Released..


I stumbled upon this blog entry over at, where Scott Lovegrove (MVP) has put together a pretty sweet little application. This application enables you to view your uploaded Silverlight Live Streaming apps in a simplified way.

It's something we should have done in a web based format, and I'm sure there are some "I want for 2008.." style emails floating in the Silverlight Live Streaming folks inboxes.

None the less, Scott & Luke have done a pretty sweet job at this and I for one will be using it.

LiveNet 0.2 Released- Silverlight Streaming Added

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  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    Don’t forget, that Silverlight streaming app is just a demo to show off that the SLS APIs have been added to LiveNet, a .Net wrapper for Windows Live that Luke and myself have created.

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