Dear Santa, in Silverlight 3.0 can you put..

Ok, I've read about the 9th "I wish Microsoft would.." style blog post floating around on what folks want in 2008 for Silverlight/WPF. I think this is healthy and I'd love to see what folks would like for Silverlight 3.0 (Doubtful you'll get anything into 2.0 as that dye's most likely cast already - unless you have overwhelming evidence to make some of the engineers work through XMAS break... bah humbug!)

If Santa is watching, what would you beg/plead for?

Example posts to kick things off:

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  1. Doug says:

    Sorry to be picky, but don’t you mean that the "die is cast" ?

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Doug: I honestly don’t know ๐Ÿ™‚

    The dye is cast, meaning: the tint has been poured, and the water cannot be clear again.

    The die is cast, meaning: the metal has been molded, and its shape cannot be altered.

    It derives from Julius Caesar – "Alea jacta est" is what he stated.. maybe its a translation thing?

  3. Ken Azuma says:

    I wish for complete double byte input / output support include Japanese…

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    I stand corrected…


  5. Hi Scott,

    Here’s some of my wishes …..

    1. True 3D features – very difficult to fake 3D using 2D algo’s and elements. I have so many ideas for cool applications but they rely on 3D techniques. eg. 3D affine tranformation to get the true apple coverflow effect

    2. "Scale 9" for image and/or user control scaling – see this link for a definition of what this is (

    3. True Right-to-Left language support

    4. A way to take our applications offline then sync back online.

    5. Larger IsolatedStorage size, or configurable to a size the application can define.

    6. System.Drawing namespace – this will allow me to do some graphics and bitmap manipulation on the client end.

    7. An easy solution to implementing cross-domain calls from within SilverLight.

    8. A way for many SilverLight components sitting on the same HTML page to communicate, some type of co-ordination pattern?

    9. A way to take common values to properties and place them in some form of style sheet (much like CSS). This will let me greatly reduce the size of the xAML in some cases.

    10. Some new libraries that let us make use of touch input devices ?? (wishful thinking here)

    11. A Rich Text Box control, that also supports double-byte languages  ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any more and I’ll be sure to add them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Perry says:

    I think Michael Schwarz’s blog post covers a lot of what people want.

    I "just" want 3 things (warning: these 3 things are pretty big).

    1) Allow us the ability to take Silverlight Apps out of the browser. Flash can run in a stand alone player, I would love something similar, but ideally it can be self executing. I know there is WPF, but that is Windows only.

    2) Brings me to the second point. I want Silverlight everywhere!!! (Remember WPF/E?) I want it on Winodws Mobile devices, I want it in Media Center, I want it on Xbox (this could be quite important), I want it on the Zune, everywhere! There are quite a bit of subset .NET Frameworks (Compact, XNA, and even lesser known .NET Micro). Silverlight has the potential to replace all that.

    3) Give us the real ability to create RIA. Think right-click, simple printing capabilities, access to peripherals (mics, webcams, etc). Then your vision of RIA will really start taking off. Until then it will continue to look like browser based apps.

    Thanks for listening,


    P.S. Can you review your about scbarnes text? RIA is not paying you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also were should be where. Don’t you love auto-correct?

  7. I’d love to see some audio improvements like:

    1) The ability to read the audio frequency spectrum of a wmv/mp3 file to then enable audio visualisations

    2) Audio synthesizer functionality as discussed in this thread and demonstrated in Flash on Andre Michelles cool lab site linked in the first post

    Also seconding Perry’s suggestion of a standalone Silverlight player, at the very least for debugging. I’ve found the bandwidth profiler and the download settings bandwidth limiters in the Flash player really useful when working with preloaders and downloaders. It’s difficult at the moment to simulate a slow download for the Downloader object (short of creating a really  big resource file?!) when working with local resources.

    Even though these suggestions are requests to just match existing Flash functionality, my biggest wish is that you guys innovate, and take us all foward with some fresh ideas on enabling RIA app design and development.

    btw loving SL and can’t wait for 2.0!

  8. Freda de Graaf says:

    Thanks for the options to share in Microsofts progress

  9. Don Baechtel says:

    Both WPF and Silverlight are fairly good at automatically determining the locations of objects on the screen. But once the objects have been located automatically, it is fairly difficult to determine where the objects have been placed on the Screen.

    To achieve some effects, it is sometimes required to know where on the Screen or a canvas where an Object is located. You may have a reference to the Object, but there is no way from the Object reference to tell where on the Screen or relative to another control or Canvas where the Object is located. This can make some designs very difficult.

    If each Silverlight and WPF control could report their Screen coordinates then just about any location relative to other controls can be determined. It would be good if the Screen coordinates were added to the properties of each Silverlight and WPF controls.

    Scenario: You have a Textbox in a Grid, on a Canvas, within a Window. Now you want to place a Polygon on the Canvas positioned relative to the Textbox. Where do you place the Polygon?

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Joao Canais says:

    SL video/audio upload from a pc webcam to a streaming server. (like Flash Media Server).

  11. vk says:

    To visualise relationships between objects taken fom database as mind map.

    To show different kind of relations depending on values in given field.

    To zoom in and zoom out objects in mind map.

    Example – Enciclopaedia Britannica.

    To add, delete, update such relationships.

  12. Nico says:

    System.Data and especially the DataSet, so we could bind Controls on DataSet.

  13. MishaSt says:

    1. Image editing (flex does, silverlight can’t now)

    2. Simple animation image-by-image.

    I wan’t in blend choose series of images from open multiple file dialog, and blend make animation

    3. Perfomance

  14. Dowell says:

    As a person working in a company that uses Flash, I’d say there are several things missing in SL2.0 to make a switch feasable. Listing them in order of importance:

    1. Easy way to skin application elements in runtime. In Flash you can link library elements from different swf files and they will load and update themselves automatically. This is very important for branding purposes.

    2. Bitmap manipulation (like WPF System.Draw). The ability to work with bitmaps enable us to do more advanced rendering effects and store them for future use. A scrolling list of images can be rendered once and then just repositioned. This implies the ability to render a vector image to bitmap.

    3. Scale-9 support or whatever you’ll like to call it. This is very useful and for any application that rescale controls crucial. Having 9 seperate images is just not manageable.

    4. Hardware accelerated effects (such as dropshadow, glow, motion blur etc). Preferably, a way to write HLSL scripts and run them. Flash has Pixel Bender and that is very powerful but not as powerful as you guys can make Silverlight with HLSL support.

    5. A way to put Silverlight applications inside WPF applications or, better yet, place them in any application (like a DirectX game). This would help greatly in making Silverlight de facto standard for

    making GUIs.

    6. Support for peripherals (like mic and web camera). This is important if you want to make multiplayer games using Silverlight.

    7. Full 3D hardware acceleration. This is getting more and more important (especially as Flash 10 or 11 is promising this).

  15. Ian Jones says:

    Probably a little late, but it’s a simple request :o)

    MediaElement to support raw PCM data streams.

  16. jesse rose says:

    Please add safe file save to Silverlight 3.0. I hvae little use for Silvelight 2 because all applications I support must all users to print and save output. Until a save option is available for Silverlight, you leave developers hanging. I biuld two WPF applications in the last year that I cannot even migrate.

    What, don;t believe me? Try using Silverlight yourself Microsoft.

  17. Ted Hildebrandt says:

    Here’s what I’d like in Silverlight 3:

              1) ability to work with text, rollover built it that can I can

                      capture what word is being rolled over.  Built in to

                        the textbox.  Ability to work with text more easily and powerfully.

                2) Photosyn deep zoom.  Ability through prebuilt components to include panoramas and linking and 3D spaces built automatically.  

                3) Microsoft Agent ability in Siliverlight,  Lip Synching with *.mp3 files to a character.  

                4) Ability to play Flash movies. oops inside Silverlight

  18. Ian Jones says:

    Either somebody was listening, or PCM support was planned all along.  No I can ditch Java applets and get on with my project in a single technology!

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