I dumped $10k into Apple and I use Vista?

Joshua Allen and fellow Visitmix.com blogger posted the other day around how 10% of new Windows Vista sales are reportedly sold to Apple owners.

DSCN1893.JPGWell, I not only agree but I find it somewhat disturbing. In that, I own not only an iMac but a Macbook Pro and whilst I find the entire experience of using OSX fascinating and at times kind of fun (I'm a geek, what can you expect) - i still - find myself using Windows Vista more.

About 80% of my entire productivity per day still resides in Windows Vista and whilst I embrace the concept of owning an Apple computer, I still find the software out there somewhat limited and not the same as my Windows counterpart experience?

This is me and I think each individual person will have also a unique story to tell around why they own an Apple OSX, but I can honestly say through my interaction with many folks it has nothing to do with what the Apple ads are pushing. Most reluctantly agree that it's just a nice tongue in cheek slash & run at Microsoft.

Windows Vista gets a beat up from the pro-Apple community at times, and I often wonder as to why? I mean OSX is a nice experience, I own two of their flagship products and don't mind the balance between the two operating systems, but I'll be honest and simply say - "I just spent $10k in hardware for iLife"

Emotional bonds are formed with Apple and at times I think the arguments are not only misguided but extremely weak and any time anyone opposes them they are usually swarmed by a wolf-pack of what most jokingly call "Mactards"

With that, I simply say:

Hi, I'm a PC and a Mac, and I am proof that the Apple ads are just a simple comedy sketch and nothing more.

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  1. Arlen Owens II says:

    I guess I would like to know what software you are using that give you a better user experience than what you get on OS X.  Let me know!!

  2. John Papola says:

    What a surprising post!  Someone on Microsoft’s payroll who works as an "evangelist" for the company prefers to use Windows over the Mac OS.  Wow.  What a striking revelation.

    Then again, this shows that Apple is making money now on people who would otherwise never have bought a Mac, so that’s a net win for the company.

    Just don’t pretend to be "disturbed" as if you care about the health of the OSX ecosystem.  And don’t worry.  People like yourself are additional sales, not trade-outs of OSX.

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Arlen: Adobe Photoshop CS3 for one, it works differently on Windows (small things, like keyboard short cuts) etc. I also find the Office 2008 Experience is different of course, but thats an easy target for Microsoft heh. I find games to be limited? misc programs (ie ftp programs for example), Camstudio centric style apps.. i mean the list goes on and if you’re looking I guess for an Red Apples vs Green Apples breakdown then I guess I need to re-word my post better.

    John Papola:

    Why do you care? Here’s the question I’ve been wanting to ask someone like yourself, "Why do you care what a Microsft employee thinks of Apple OSX".. In that do you suffer from it? what gains do you get if Apple succeeds?

    I prefer to use Windows Vista because of many reasons and if you’re fishing for a "well I get paid by Microsoft to use Microsoft only products" then i suggest you reign in those arguments, as whom do you think bought me one of the Macs in the first place – Microsoft.

    Preference is a personal thing, and It kind of irratates me to see replies like yours which have nothing to add other than to focus on the person, never the content.

    Again, why do *YOU* care.

  4. tonyr says:

    excellent response to another mac fan boy, I get this all the time with linux fan boy’s. Why do they have to stick there collective noses up other peoples …


  5. wpSlider says:

    "Why?" Dude, you just called him a MacTard.

  6. Phillip Kerman says:

    a bit off topic, but what is up with the chains on the windows? Is NSW some sort of crime state?

  7. Matt T says:

    i find it curious you spent $10k on apples without fully exploring your software options. Couldnt you have just bought a macbook or mac mini to ‘test the water’?

    also, Its not only the Apple community beating up on Vista..

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