iEvangelise – Life of an Evangelist.

I'm knee deep in Apple love at the moment and today I got the ok to buy a Macbook Pro to replace my sucky Toshiba Tablet (it's gotten worse).

VODCasts-mobile-3In light of this, I thought I better put some of that ROI promises to good use but at the same time, thought it would be interesting to share with one and all what it's like to be an Evangelist within Microsoft (ie follow me on the road, hear my random chaotic thoughts etc).

Since I've got an iMac (Desktop) and now an upcoming Macbook Pro, I thought I'd use the iLife suite to test what's possible and see what the hype around iLife is all about.

So far, the experience has been warm and fuzzy and I must say iWeb is a gorgeous product (it pains me to say this as a Expression Web fan). At any rate, if you're wanting to follow along for the journey, add the link above to your RSS feeds  (sorry the videos are in Quicktime, but I'm in Apple country people.. there's no way out!) and welcome aboard.

I also figure that would be the better spot for personal ranting instead of via this blog, as this one's more suited to on topic Microsoft related topics.

The content is weak, and will firm that up later this week (millions of things to do). Let me know if there is something you'd like to see on there, as I'm happy to dish some dirt as time passes 😉

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  1. Samiq says:

    sorry the videos are in Quicktime, but I’m in Apple country people.. there’s no way out!


    You can always use Expression Media Encoder for Mac, I think it is the only Mac product from the Expression Suite… and as I do Aptana for Silverlight 1.0 Development 🙂 Way better than VS.NET at least for JavaScript based development…

    Later… and keep enjoying ur Mac!

  2. Geoff Bowers says:

    For the love of God just keep your clothes on this time.

  3. Caleb says:


    I know you’re going to love me for this, but the latest version of the flash player can play quicktime movies, so maybe you can build a simple video player in Flex to showcase your videos?


  4. Deeps says:

    Dude! I just ordered the Toshiba R500 looks damn sexy, dont give up on the PC just yet 🙂

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