Barely Out of Beta – Part #2 – RIA Definition continues to be unresolved.

Nectarine have put up Part #2 of the infamous RIA saga, "Barely Out of Beta". I think it's fitting given after reading about Adobe staffer's latest nit picking over definitions that Microsoft use.


"...(I was really tempted to have a ragged little voice at the end, coming out of the fight, saying "Did someone mention ten dollars?". But comics are about distilling down to the essence of joke, and you only have so much room. So I didn't push Steve to shove yet another bloody balloon over his gorgeous artwork.)

We realize there's only so many RIA acronym gags you can make before people, well, gag (and believe me, we still had heaps more!). So you'll be pleased to know that soon we'll be taking potshots at others areas of this great, wide development landscape..." - Minty.

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  1. Was that a fair representation of your sock garter dude??

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