Silverlight:, even my 4yr old son can use it.

1364153618_ddcdf55236 This just fascinates me and warrants a blog post. My son, Corey just turned 4 in July has been busy, as you see he's a mad baseball fan like me and was caught today surfing the un attended.

I walked out of my office to make a cup of coffee, I come back in and there he is playing with the Silverlight site. He knew to click on the "Play" button, and sat back and watched the videos unfold, in fact he threw a tantrum when it was time to hope off - as he wanted to keep watching the baseball.

The part that made me the most proud, was that he found parts of the site I hadn't even knew existed and so it essentially made me re-connect with the sites experience more. Furthermore, I watched him play with the site, un aided (first time he's been in the hot seat on it to may I add) and he preferred the Silverlight pieces over the HTML. In that he kept wanting to click on the Rich parts and leave the static parts alone? - RIA even a child wants it maybe?

Silverlight, even a kid can use it (to be fair, its more to do with the visuals inside the runtime then actually the technology, but I can't help plug Silverlight hehehe). It also hints that an engaging user experience is something not always restricted to adults!

Oh boy, another Silverlight centric Evangelist to unleash onto the world!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Silverlight is cool, to be sure, but what’s with the user-hostile error messages ( )? It’s sloppy design and engineering, no matter what stage of development you’re at.  In fact, isn’t it more important to have meaningful text in those dialogs during the alpha or beta phases, since that’s ostensibly when you’re going to see them popping up the most?

    If the user has a beta version of the plugin installed and the site requires a newer version, just tell them.  ErrorCode: 4001 doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that Silverlight provides a hassle-free path to content-centric nirvana.

  2. lol. I’m glad you put "(to be fair, its more to do with the visuals inside the runtime then actually the technology, but I can’t help plug Silverlight hehehe)" as I was going to deem you off the deep end.


  3. Jon Perez says:

    Well, sure… RIAs will certainly appeal more to non-technical users. On the other hand, it takes a good amount of knowledge and experience to appreciate the advantages REST has over non-REST.

  4. Jon Perez says:

    … and of course most of the same things would also mostly apply to a Flash-based interface, not just Silverlight.

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