My take on the Novell Partnership, derived from Dick Costello.

I read this from Read/WriteWeb, it was a quote given by Dick Costello, (co-founder of FeedBurner, which Google acquired this year).

"Pay careful attention to the things that people do with your technology/service/product, because some of them may have discovered a powerful use for it that has completely evaded you. Note that this is another reason to strongly believe that services and products that are more open and adaptive will always prevail over solutions that are less open. Open solutions enable the ecosystem to discover the optimal value of the solution, whereas less open systems are at the mercy of their creator having guessed at the optimal solution in the first place."

To me, my thoughts strayed to Silverlight and the Novell partnership, Silverlight is quite open and at times exposed to what others may do with it. The Moonlight folks found a way forward, armed with little and yet achieved ever so much. Their reward, Microsoft in turn works with them not against them.

This partnership means so many things to so many people, but mostly being still in my rookie year at Microsoft, it flawed me as it showed me that the Microsoft that I knew over the past 5 years is different to what I see today.

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