I twittered my daughters birth.

EmilysPhotos 036 I'm such a geek, yet I found the experience of twittering my daughters birth to be actually quite fun in a unique way. The reason being was that I was going through an experience that all expecting fathers go through, where we are essentially playing the waiting game while the mothers carry out the hard task of giving birth.

EmilysPhotos 073Armed with my BlackJack I simply opened up http://m.twitter.com and proceeded to pump update after update through out the course of the birth. It was surreal to see others interact with me via twitter.com as the events progressed.

Twitter.com is addictive, and yet it also enhanced the experience in my opinion.  Why not share the joy?

Emily Anne Barnes was born 26th August 2007. Weighed 7lbs 14oz and is approx 49cm in length (it's almost like we are talking about a large marlin being caught or something heh). 

Here's the weird part. She was born on the same date as when I first took her mother out on a date (26th August 1995). I also only just got back from snow boarding in New Zealand in time for her arrival (6hrs after I landed to be exact).


EmilysPhotos 046

I wonder if she'll join the growing ranks of Women in IT? given my geeky influence i wonder..

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  1. Congratulations!

    It was really interesting to follow your tweets last night…you can show Emily this when she is old enough to understand and show her that she was a part of Internet history at her birth.

    That’s Corey holding Emily in the photo above?

    Hooray for more women in IT? (And buy her a Wii (heh – are you allowed to?).

    You have one of the best ‘microblogs’ around…I never thought that Microsoft employees would be interesting until I found your Twitters :p

    The thing that made me keep following you was your comment that when Corey does a ‘number 2’ he is congratulated, but when you do one no-one cares. XD.

  2. I’d definitely say a geek is born. Congratulations dude and hope she brings you guys more joy.

    Looks like Corey is liking his new baby sis too 🙂

    have fun guys..

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Happy Birthday to Emily and Congratulations to the proud parents.

    My dad told me just after #1 Son was born that the first 21 years are the hardest.

    Best Wishes


  4. You have a beautiful baby Scott!

    Congratulations to you and your family.


  5. Don Burnett says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! She is amazing..


  6. nparker says:


    As Tim would say you twizzled it man!

    See I told you that you have plenty of time to come to Web On The Piste and then get home for the birth!

  7. Neville Richards says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  8. ManiacD says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of you new daughter Emily.  My first arrive just over a month ago so I know what a joy it is!

  9. Phillip Kerman says:

    Neat–congratulations.  Your first?  In the future I’ll give you the "fathers of daughters" benefit of the doubt when commenting here.  

  10. Miles Burke says:

    Congratulations to you, Scott and your family! That means you’ll be missing Webb Directions then, I assume?

  11. Deeps says:

    Congrats Scotty, absolutely stoked for you!

  12. Darryl Lyons says:

    Congrats on the birth dude.. That makes two for both of us!

  13. Thank goodness she looks like her mother. Congrats.


  14. Minty says:

    Congrats, Scott; all that hard work nine months ago paid off! A spunky girl with geek genes- she’s gonna rule the world 🙂

    Must have been quite impressive when you leapt from the Microsoft helicopter onto the roof off the hospital and raced to your wife’s bedside, still clad in snowboard gear…

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