OzSilverlight Discussion List takes form.

The folks at Readify.com have formed a mailing list titled "OzSilverlight". It's something in which I'll obviously be heavily involved if as life in the realms of Silverlight continue.

It's gotten off to a great initial start and if you want access to it, then simply flick an email to:

listserver@ozsilverlight.com?subject=subscribe  with the subject "subscribe"

I love this kind of community grass roots creativity.

Comments (5)

  1. Bill Chesnut says:

    The link is wrong, it should be listserver@ozSilverlight.com with the subject "subscribe"


    Bill, Readify, ListManager.

  2. Steven Nagy says:

    Bill from Readify advised me that the address is actually: <a href="mailto:listserver@ozsilverlight.com?subject=subscribe">listserver@ozsilverlight.com</a>.

  3. Tariq Ahmed says:

    Cool, so you guys swap vaporsolutions to vaporproblems regarding your vaporware? 🙂

    I kid, I kid!!! Just taking a jab at my buddy Barnes. 🙂

  4. David L. Campbell via OzSilverlight mailing list ( all the kids hang out here ) have put forward a concept

  5. KarthiKeyan says:

    I Need coding for silver light in asp.net with C3

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