Taking on the RIA fight, Adobe, Microsoft and Scoble.

I stumbled upon Scoble's post around how great it was to see Ryan Stewart being agnostic in terms of praising Silverlight via his blog.

I guess I didn't really pay attention to this, as Ryan's always been one of these guys that generally has a great pulse when it comes to what I call the "RIA" movement. I'm glad though he didn't tread down the path of blue vs red, and stood to his word by proving that he's more relevant to the audience out there by staying open minded then close minded.

I also scanned the comments below and noticed a couple of folks pitched me as being Ryan's Mirror here at Microsoft. I giggled at this, as to me for the past 6 months I've really dogged Adobe on a number of issues. It wasn't to make my bones with them, it was simply to see if I could cause some impact / change being Microsoft guy instead of non-Microsoft guy and I think I got a reaction (both positive and negative).

My heart essentially sits with RIA in general, I have wave after wave of ideas around how I could combine Silverlight with Flash, especially in the Video space but part of me wonders how dangerous this would be as whilst the smart people with whom I prefer to hang around with get the fact that most people couldn't care which brand is better, there are those whom get nervous over the idea of "crossing the streams".

Part of me also wants to show this off to the world, just to annoy as  I think we need to annoy more people online with RIA, in order to stimulate more discussion around it. RIA is complex, I don't think either Microsoft or Adobe have solved this today, and we all have more work ahead of us but I'm glad  both camps are getting more aggressive in our approach to solve problems associated with RIA.

RIA 1.0 (2002 - 2006) was for me really about showing the idea is possible. Yet we still aren't quite there. RIA 2.0 (2006-2008) is going to be about tools, focus on solving the problems between designer and developers today, get both ends of the gradient in sync, working, shipping and producing so that when we look to breaching beyond the browser limits, we have a clean foundation to build up from. AIR is to early, that's why I think it won't pass the version iteration, WPF is to early and that's why I think there is large adoption hurdle in front of it.. but in time, we'll get there. As RIA 3.0 is going to kick some butt.

We just aren't ready to go beyond the browser... but we are getting close.

Any Adobe Staffers want to collaborate on a RIA Community project, ping me, as this would be a fun project πŸ™‚

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  1. kurtbrockett says:


       Good to see a MS guy really talking through the RIA space.  I think there are a few MS bloggers who help keep MS on the front of the RIA movement.  I think you’re right about RIA 3.0 but I would venture to say that maybe happens in 2009 as SL 1.1 probably won’t ship until early 2008 giving people a good 12 months to start pushing the power of .NET in the browser.


  2. Samiq says:

    Hey Scott, I really like ur view of the RIA 1.0 and 2.0, although rather than call it 2.0 I would probably call it 1.1, as u say this is just a step forward from the 1.0 era although as it is right now it is playing catch with what the movement should have brought before… I think the 2.0 era will hit once we start seeing the whole breath of applications really taking advantage of the setting of the 1.1 and its mature level… Gears, SQLite, AIR, Flex, Silverlight 1.1, WPF on Mac and PC, iPhone!

  3. Aneesha says:


    Just cross the streams! As a developer, I need to keep my eyes on all RIA competitors so that when a project comes along I am able to select the most appropriate solution/s.

    Hope your RIA community project takes off!


  4. John Dowdell says:

    My scale goes up to RIA 11.0, personally…. πŸ˜‰


  5. Garry Trinder says:

    jd :

    that’s because your biased πŸ˜‰ heh πŸ™‚ Flash != RIA. RIA is a belief not a specific technology imho πŸ™‚

    Oh wait we’ve had this discussion before πŸ™‚

  6. dimaka says:

    IMHO, we should not divide the RIA world into Adobe, Microsoft, Flex, Silverlight and so on…

    Why a Microsoft-addicted developer has to learn Flex Builder to develop Flash/Flex applications or why an Adobe-addicted one has to learn Visual Studio to work with Silverlight? We should get the benefits from using all the stuff in our favorite environment.

    Let me introduce our product SharpStyle Neutron – plug-in for ActionScript development in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. This product is for developers working alone or in teams on building next generation Rich Internet Applications that combine Flash on the front-end and .NET on the server-side. Web site: http://neutron.sharpstyle.com

    I also believe that somebody already works on Eclipse integration for Silverlight. Or even there are some projects, which allow the end-user to get benefits from both platforms…

    ~ Dmitry Pavlov

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