Spiderman(Adobe) vs Batman(Microsoft)

 If you've attended some of my presentations on Silverlight lately, you would see a main theme arise, it's called "Choice".

Ever since starting with Microsoft, I've been deflecting, dodging even fighting with the Adobe brand over Microsoft's offerings, trying while ever so badly at times, to illustrate it's not about us vs them, it's about "choice".

In light of this, I took a page out of the MYOB folks (ReMIX presentation) by using some Comic book heroes such as Batman and Spiderman. I chose these two for the following reasons:

  • Spiderman is Adobe. Firstly because the Color scheme fits, and secondly because Spiderman has the web down pat in many ways, he has figured out ways to use the web to help carry him forward in momentum. That and Peter Parker is an active photographer so figured "Photoshop" was to good to pass up.
  • Batman is Microsoft. Easiest reason is because Batman's worth billions, Bruce Wayne has it together. Batman has an endless supply of tools in his utility belt, which he is able to use in many different scenarios. He also has a common theme amongst all of his toys, that is his brand (Batman logo - aka .NET).


Now, we have a situation at hand folks, that is crime. Crime online is essentially "problems" that need fixing. We could sit around all day arguing over which one is the going to kick one another's ass, or you could appreciate the fact that if Spiderman and Batman were ever to team up as a super-hero duo, crime could be fought much easier and better.

Why not agree that each super hero has their own approach to fighting crime, and accept that there is no winner, only stories of success and failure. That is what my commitment for the next year is, to be a reporter on the ground, looking for ways in which Batman or Spiderman have kicked some crime butt.

It's about choice.

Comments (12)

  1. hmmm… trying to think of the last time Bruce Wayne and/or Batman was sued successfully by the Department of Justice for being a bully….

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Well initially in the first Batman, the police didn’t know how to take Batman so they outlawed him.. then they realised he was good so it all came together in the end..

    DOJ, pft.. n00bies~! (just kidding, be nice to DOJ as they are scary spice)

  3. Ted Patrick says:

    Barnes, is that you in your pajamas, twice?

    You need to pull up man, your at rock bottom.

    Ted 🙂

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    I wish Ted.. I wish..

    If i had a cool costume like that, i’d be wearing it all the time hehe

  5. Get back to your cave bat boy!

  6. Andrew Scott says:

    So if to follow in this theme, does that make the W3C the League of Justice?

  7. Valerie Herrera says:

    I like batman better

  8. Gary Barber says:

    Marvel and DC on the same project… never happen..

  9. Edge says:

    well…first problem for them to solve is their English: ‘probleMTs’


  10. Brent says:

    LOL – that is a great analogy!

  11. zubin mehta says:

    Well, what about superman(google). He can reverse time and can fix all problems 😀

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