I forgive you Twitter.com

Twitter Twitter.com is one of these amazing creations that get's away with a lot, namely its constant crashing or going offline whenever I'm the most bored.

At the moment, I'm busy installing the never-ending cycle of World of Warcraft Patches (I re-installed it.. I regret that decision) and thought, why not kill the install blues away with some old fashion Twitter.com.

Well, turns out that's not the case tonight as that damn blue bird is back on my screen (see pic) with a nice way of saying "We're down for maintenance".

Twitter.com can be forgiven though, as we the Twitterites most likely do this simply because there doesn't appear to be a revenue model around this creation. I haven't yet seen any reports or visual indications that Twitter is cashing in on what they provide, and so for that, we can let it slide.

I wonder though, if ads were in the application and it went down? would we be forgiving?

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