Helping you realize your passion.

It's been 6 months since I joined Microsoft and I love my job, truly I do as I get to interact with the web community whom are energizing to say the least.

My role is "Web Developer Evangelist", which essentially means that I'm here to be your tour guide for Microsoft Australia into how our web story unfolds with Microsoft especially around the emerging technology going forward (xStudio, Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX etc).

I've been designing, developing and evangelizing the Web since early 90's and it's something I love doing. Yet, in this role I'm facing a lot of challenges, namely perception of what Microsoft is supposed to be instead of what it is. I say this as in the past 5 years, Microsoft has undergone what looks like a massive cultural change internally, and the kids within the Microsoft banner are passionate about what they do.

I'm planning my movements for the next fiscal year, and I'm open to new ideas fresh from the street on how Microsoft Australia can do better by the Aussie Web Community? So, if you have a crazy idea - pitch it! i'm keen to listen!

You have the floor.

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