June: Conference, Jam, Camp & Usergroup etc.

I thought I'd post a list of events I'll be attending this month, these are subject to change based on health etc but also I'm sure I'll uncover new ones as they are discovered.

  • June 07 - (Sydney) WebJam Part 3, I'll be given a demo on Silverlight special ops project which is uber secret and may involve Britney Spears? (It's a joke between me and Lachlan). I hope there aren't any Adobe Staffers like the last Web Jam @ WebDU.

  • June 13 - (Brisbane) Coldfusion User Group. I attend these user groups as despite my Microsoft affiliation, I still do some Adobe coding (even more so now that Atlanta folks have began work on Silverlight + CFML)

  • June 13 - (Brisbane ) Brisbane Sharepoint User Group. Since I started to play around with Sharepoint + Silverlight, I've grown a fond attachment to Silverlight and thought it would be worthwhile to attend these for future knowledge share.

  • June 19 - (Brisbane) MSDN User Group (QLD). I've been bad as of late, but have made a point of going to these whenever I can make it. No excuses next month!

  • June 20 - (BrisbaneFlash Platform User Group were I'll be showcasing Silverlight to the Flash Platform folks, don't worry they are well guarded against my evil Microsoft powers hehehe.

  • June 23 - (Melbourne) ReMIX07, We are basically taking all of the goodness we liked about MIX07 and re-doing it downunder in Melbourne. It's a must see conference!

  • June 30 - (Perth) BarCamp. I've been absolutely keen to get over to Perth and meetup with the web folks there, so now I have the perfect excuse (I usually look for 3 reasons to travel as to not waste Microsoft's money).

If you know of any more that I should attend (future ones as well), please let me know as I'll be keen to come along and even present something if one wishes.

Tomorrow (Monday 28th May) I'll also be presenting the ARC Australian Postgraduate Award Industry Scholarship (Microsoft)  at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), which I'm looking forward to.

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