Writing Silverlight with Coldfusion.

 Vince Bonfanti is the President and co-founder of New Atlanta Communications, LLC - makers of BlueDragon a Coldfusion-compatible web application server that allows native deployment and integration of CFML applications onto ASP.NET and J2EE servers.

He also recently spent some time at Redmond, getting his head around the DLR and where it could fit within his companies current product offerings. The results were beyond encouraging and I for one am excited that they are pushing forward down this path.

To quote Vince:

"..Contrast this to the situation that existed prior to the introduction of these technologies and tools. Building Windows desktop applications required using C/C++ and programming to the Win32 APIs. Building HTML-based web applications required use of either ASP, JSP, PHP, or CFML, along with JavaScript. Building RIA applications essentially meant using Flash and ActionScript. Each of these technologies comes with its own set of programming tools, and there's little or no integration among any of the developer tools and tools used by designers..."

He get's it, in that you can have a kickbutt output, but if developer struggle on the input it begs the question on what we are doing here? Are we building a house with a hammer or a nailgun? which is easier and don't they in the end help produce a house?

Vince alongside others in the 3rd party vendor community are taking a detailed look at the DLR and what it has on offer, which in turn means positive things for concepts like Silverlight going forward. It also provided the right amount of context around Microsoft's position in this space, as it's not a Zero-Sum Game which "competitors" are misleading folks into believing.

As a Coldfusion developer of years gone by, I'm kind of excited about Vince's movements in this space as that'd be kind of cool to write CFML to produce Silverlight applications? heh very cool indeed.

Oh by the way, did I mention Silverlight is still alpha? not bad so far eh?

(I was supposed to catchup with Vince at MIX07, but we never aligned schedules, damn I wish I had of though)

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  1. Silverlight news – May 27,2007

  2. Jane Carter says:

    We are rewriting the website for our hotel in Prague using ColdFusion on the server and – at present – AJAX on the client-side.  It would be great to use either Flex or Silverlight but not both!  I really wish that Silverlight could either succeed spectacularly or else disappear so that we know which technology to go for.

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