Lightmaker Downunder Doing great things.

Lightmaker is one of my favourite RIA companies and have quite an impressive portfolio ranging from JK Rowling's infamous Flash Site through to Orlando Magic built in Silverlight. These folks are kicking some nice goals in the RIA space and are quite talented / agnostic in their approach.

Last month, Shane & I caught up with Lucas Sherwood and Attila Csobonyei two local Aussie guys whom are running the show for Lightmaker Australia. They showed us what they've been up to and both pieces were using two sets of Microsoft technology (WPF and Silverlight).

The first was the Olympian Alliance built with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It's quite an impressive application using the new stuff we have on offer and it was also exciting to see how Lucas & Attila were able to overcome transition pain points in terms of going from everything but Microsoft technology to using Microsoft Technology.

Lucas made a joke "I wish there was a site that showed how to go from Java to C# as the syntax tripped me up" (He didn't laugh when I said I own a book on that very thing, he had one of those "if only i knew" looks on his face)

They faced some initial challenges in getting up to speed with WPF but were able to overcome them after a short while and that underpins the story behind how easy WPF can be if approached with a serious amount of focus.

The second piece was they were also building Orlando Magic using Silverlight 1.0 and this was impressive for a number of reasons, as firstly they weren't using Managed Code instead were using JavaScript. Secondly, they weren't using Visual Studio Orcas but were using Blend (pre-release) and Visual Studio 2005 (as-is). Yet they were able to conjure an impressive piece of work online (I was really impressed with both their efforts to be honest).

Here's the good news, Lightmaker didn't abandon Adobe Flash or Flex, they are still happily coding away using Adobe technology, yet they also now use Microsoft technology as well. I make a point of expressing this as despite what folks read online about Microsoft "killing flash", companies with high profile brands such as Lightmaker are proving that wrong (you can be both). Cynergy, Metaliq etc are one's on this list that comes to mind as well, it's about choice folks!

I'll be following up with Lucas and Attila when I'm next in Melbourne as I think there is more to their story and want to uncover it.

If you're in Australia and are using either WPF or Silverlight, please let me know!!

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