Silverlight isn’t installing properly?

I've been using Silverlight since I got my grubby hands on it day #2 of Microsoft. In light of this for some reason I noticed that Silverlight Alpha 1.1 wouldn't install properly on one of my machines.

After a few "Did you uninstall version 1.0?" style responses to my questions and a few random thoughts floating around inside my head like ("No you damn idiot, it didn't occur to me to uninstall the previous version to make way for the 1.1 version..") I did stumble upon this blog post.

(The funny part was that I actually subscribe the RSS feeds for this blog and just goes to show how much I pay attention at times to blogs I read).

This post outlines the counter-act around my issue and while you shouldn't screw with the registry unless you know what you are doing (translation: you once screwed around inside the registry and your computers app's stopped working and you came to the sad realization that you made a mistake - CANCEL or ACCEPT).

Hey, it's alpha folks so keep calm and relax.

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