MIX07 – Day 1 – Keynote notes.

  • Expression Studio was just announced as being public today by Ray Ozzie. Silverlight story was told, and overall the kids are happy so far (few cheers).
  • Windows Live Platform Group are going to make some announcements tomorrow as well.
  • Silverlight + Photosynth Zoom capabilities are also now in the room.
  • Silverlight Streaming announced. It's a companion services to Silverlight, and taps into Microsoft online cloud. Silverlight will be picking up the tab in empowering users to post Silverlight centric content onto Microsoft servers to then be streamed out to the world-wide-web (aka interweb).
  • Ray Ozzie's keywords "Experience First" which is the key ingredient behind our new toys.
  • Silverlight now has a x-platform version of the .NET framework and installed under 20 secs (install time).
  • There is now a Silverlight preview version on the web with both design and developer tools made available! (which is uber cool).
  • 700,000 sites today have ASP.NET AJAX keeping the RIA concept flowing.
  • Silverlight media can stream to XBOX 360.
  • Our streaming service is 3-4 times cheaper then any other on the market today.
  • More later...
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  2. Steven Nagy says:

    Any chance you’ll post the link for the Silverlight tools?

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