Silverlight + AJAX eh?

John Udell has posted a few things around Silverlight, specifically the standout is around how you can use the XAML DOM within JavaScript much like you would with the HTML version. That's an excited thing to celebrate to those of you out there that are happy to play in the AJAX space (which seems to be a large portion). This now empowers you initially to combine your existing AJAX applications and Video in the one space using JavaScript.

This is pretty damn cool, as you're using your existing skill set in AJAX development, but having access to Silverlight's features with minimal effort, as most generally in this space have a pretty average (minimum) understanding of how to use things like "getElementById()" to traverse the DOM. Silverlight in this scenario, is about extending AJAX experience using Video, that's pretty cool right?

Wonder what else we could do in this space? 😉

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