Another great post from the mind of Ryan Stewart.

I spoke to Ryan tonight about his latest post:

Scott says:
Q. Where do you get these ideas?
Scott says:
do you just sit at home going "I want..." and then answer them? or is the an editor / someone saying "do an article on x"
Ryan says:
Nah, I come up with it all by myself
Ryan says:
No editor

The how and when of Adobe and Microsoft’s Rich Internet Application technologies

Now that Silverlight is being talked about, people seem to be comparing Apollo and Silverlight in the same posts. I think this stems from the fact that both are still alpha/beta and that the two technologies "cross the streams" into the other companies territory. For that they are significant, but still not in competition. To help clear things up, I've tried to create a guide for how and when you would want to use different RIA technologies from Adobe and Microsoft. Hopefully this clears up a bit of confusion about which technologies are "competing" and which aren't.

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  1. As usual, he’s spot on. 😉 (very open-minded too)

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