Another player in the GUI space.

sent me this and it looks pretty damn cool. It's an interesting project they are kicking off and I'll be keen to see where they go with it (not in terms of compete, but personal interests).

There has been a lot of debate over Flash, Adobe's Atlas and WPF/E and how these technologies might be the future of application development.

For the past few months we have heard you loud and clear. And we have been working on a technology that we believe will revolutionize user interfaces.

Today we are announcing the response to Microsoft's WPF/XAML, a response to Flash and WPF/E. A cross-platform GUI toolkit (supports Windows, MacOS and Linux and is easily ported to new platforms) written entirely in managed code and 100% open source. It is completely licensed under the MIT X11 license terms as well, for your freedom-zero needs.

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