could do more..

I got a request tonight for someone to be added to my list(s), given that I don't really use it that much I decided to login and see what's happening with this concept.

So far, nothing new and to be openly honest I've given up on the concept and rarely use it as I think while its interesting and had potential, it just seemed to have died in the end.

Reason being : NO API.

You don't have to be an absolute idiot these days to get how Web 2.0 mashups are doing wonders for simple concepts such as this and then creating an entire eco-system out of in terms of consumer "touch points".

Example: Look at Twitter, there's so many other pieces bolted onto this concept its basically no excuse not be using it anymore other then you just don't like the concept of it. could do more and the .NET developer base could really do some interesting Office 2007 integration pieces with this. I won't even get started on how our CRM offerings could really probe this open further and mashup the two pieces together for sales/marketing channels.

Pitty, don't get it though.

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