Hey, no fair.

I was meeting a dev in the Microsoft space for coffee just before and he was asking me a bunch of questions around how we are handling the whole Vista hype and especially how WPF/e and X-Platform discussions are arising here and there (yes Adobe Apollo was mentioned as well).

X-Platform is a tricky discussion to have as it does have merits but overall it comes back to qualifying your demographic more before one can truly answer whether its got merit to go 100% x-platform.

At anyrate, he did raise a point that stopped me in my tracks:

"How come the Microsoft doesn't make an application tool x-platform, you guys get pinned for it - yet - the moment Apple does it, well that's ok".

It's not flamebait (which I'm sure some will have a word or two over) but it does make you think at times, as to how ye olde Microsoft does get hit the most about X-Platform when some cool applications that I'm sure PC users would want to use are only Apple based.

Will we ever heal that divide...

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  1. Jessica says:

    Look back at your stats on Windows vs Mac users from previous posts. Microsoft are being cruel for excluding a minority, where as Mac are just exclusive in that suave nightclub kinda way 😛

    Bring on the friday arvo flamewars fun.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Hey i have it good authority that when I joined Microsoft that we were nice guys..


    Microsoft buys a laptop for bloggers, its called "exploitation", Apple do it and it would be called "most innovative e-marketing".. because they are fashion right 🙂

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