Damn it, I have to go to Vegas for Mix07

You know this job really gets under my skin, Microsoft are making me go to MIX07 where I'll be forced to jump on a plane, and head deep into Vegas on their dime. I'm outraged, I mean next thing you know I'll have to spend time watching the Pussycat Dolls do some singing routine at the same time embrace and emerge myself deep into some really cool web-geeked up sessions.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to just make do and settle on the fact that I'm registered, booked and bags packed for this event.

I tell you, working for this company really does test one's resolve and its a tough gig.

Jokes aside, I'm so into this conference that I'm counting down the minutes until I'm there.

I'm also pinging over to Microsoft HQ again for some chip implants and upgrades around Web Live stuff so overall, post MIX07 I'll be going absolutely mad with some Microsoft goodness.

"I'ma Newbie" card is expiring post MIX, so for those of you whom are reading the blog and keep asking me "Barnesy, when you gonna put some Microsoft goodness up" - it's coming!, just need to finish my last pieces of the Microsoft learning(s)

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