We play nice with others

Me, Facing the hostile crowd.... WebDU was a blast, I managed to survive WebJAM (Adobe decided to pull the projector plug out mid-presentation, which was funny but I managed to recover and win the crowd over, so back at you Adobe hehe).

I enjoyed the drinks that Microsoft put on, I got to meet a lot of old friends and interesting people while at the same time, everyone got to meet the others within the Microsoft Australia team (as we had our entire team there - we had a staff meeting during the day).

The number one thing I walked away with that night was that majority of the folks there wanted more diversity in conferences like this (Look out for Remix Australia in June for that!), in that they wanted to see how all walks of life within the web mashup together. I took a lot away from that as I can see that in order to be relevant, there needs to be a lighthouse approach to showing developers and designers how Microsoft products and Adobe products work together.

That was the feedback I took on at anyrate.

Overall, it was a great conference and I did chuckle when a friend of mine asked if the conference was about the products, or was it about the Adobe personalities that turned up (I guess WebDU attendees at times do at times give the US Adobians a bit of a geek-celebrity status, which is disturbing if you ask me).

Mark and I having a chat I also finally caught up with Andrew Spaulding and I can't say enough positive things about this bloke, and if Adobe had any brains they'd make him a local Evangelist as the lad has talent. Mark Blair, was also great to catchup with and I again, always find that Mark's got a great handle on not only the Adobe community but the overall picture (If Microsoft HR is reading, throw offers at these two hehe).

I'll be posting  a tutorial on how to build a Windows Vista SideBar Gadget with FLEX in the upcoming week (once I catchup on a weeks worth of work) and I'll be posting some Adobe Apollo mashups soon as well.

I guess, I'll be doing more in this space as I heard a lot of positive comments around this space and that folks would like to see more of that.

Consider the requests heard and I'll work on that.

Lastly, again, "We play nice with others" is the motto of Microsoft Australia.

P.S - Special thanks goes to Ted Patrick for the Apollo Shirt and Dinner, appreciated it. I still say Microsoft ownz j00 Adobe heheheh. (Ooops, Play nice with others...)

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  1. After all your work during the Offsite cutting the last pieces of the puzzle…. to have your video cable pulled…

    .. I call conspiracy!

    Oh, that’s right, play nice with others.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Barnesy, I appreciate it. I guess all those beers paid off … oh, but it was you who bought them :-p Go figure.

    Nice work at Webjam by the way, despite the antics. An impressive use of Flex as a SideBar gadget!

    I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon.



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